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Flat-Panel Mammography Viewer from Broadwest

Through the use of a cold cathode fluorescent lamp, the LumiVue flat-panel illuminator from Broadwest Corp (New York) is able to provide a brightness of 8,000 cd/m2 and an operating life several times longer than other fluorescent lamps. The lamp’s backlight technology employs high daylight color temperatures for improving contrast and providing uniformity greater than 90%. To complement its technical features, LumiVue’s design is less than 3 inches thick with fully masking shutters and a choice of three colors-ivory, white, and gray. Installment options include a mobile workstation, wall mount, and desktop stand.

Web: ?www.broadwest.com
Phone: (800) 232-2948

X-Ray Film Illuminators from Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health Inc (Cleveland) has announced the availability of its Medicanvas line of ultraslim X-ray film illuminators. Featuring TFD-LCD technology and measuring just 2.5 cm or 1 inch thick, the view box lasts 20,000 hours. Its slim design allows the Medicanvas to be located within close proximity to PACS imaging monitors, eliminating workflow disruptions when comparing films.

Web: ?www.cardinal.com/rms
Phone: (800) 850-4608

Scanning Software from Cyber Technologies

AScan software from Cyber Technologies USA (Ogdensburg, NY) provides fast, automatic measurement capabilities for the company’s CyberScan Vantage or CT300 high-resolution, laser-based, noncontact inspection systems. The enabling software tool in the AScan system scans and measures 2-D profiles and 3-D raster data from dispensed adhesive dots, thick-film circuits, solder-paste deposits, gaskets, tiny electronic components, or other printed or dispensed features. Ideal for use in production and laboratory environments, AScan provides accurate and repeatable measurement results without a user interface.

Web: ?www.cybertechnologiesusa.com
Phone: (866) 884-6288

Desktop Touch Monitors from Elo TouchSystems

Elo TouchSystems (Fremont, Calif) now offers the Entuitive line of touch-screen LCD monitors in two sizes: the 1229L (12 inches) and the 1525L (15 inches). Both monitors feature the company’s CarrollTouch infrared touch technology, which provides increased brightness, clarity, and durability. The 1229L can be configured with as many as three integrated peripherals, including an ergonomically placed magnetic-stripe reader, a biometric fingerprint recognition device, and a rear-facing customer display. The 1525L comes with a specially designed, stable base that can be bolted down, side controls that can be locked out, clean cable routing, and a locking hinge to ensure protection in high-traffic environments.

Web: ?www.elotouch.com
Phone: (800) ELO-TOUCH

MR Infusion System from Medrad

The Continuum MR Compatible Infusion System from Medrad Inc (Indianola, Pa) now offers a syringe holder that stocks as many as three standard syringes ranging in sizes from 20 to 60 ?L, making it possible to deliver small volumes of cardiac stress agents, IV sedatives, and other critical medications during an MR scanning procedure. The syringe holder also enables critically ill patients to receive fluids from multiple syringes and IV bags at the same time, which increases the versatility of the infusion system. The syringe holder’s design allows patients to be kept on medications, regardless of fluid container, for the duration of the scan.

Web: ?www.medrad.com
Phone: (800) MEDRAD-1

Dual-Conversion Voltage Regulator from TEAL Electronics

TEAL Electronics Corp (San Diego) is now installing its TEALtrak voltage regulator product family. This high-reliability, dual-conversion power-conditioning device is designed to regulate and stabilize three-phase AC voltage sources. The TEALtrak unit is an active microprocessor-controlled device that converts the incoming mains AC into DC, then inverts and regulates the DC back into a clean, filtered, and stable AC source. The regulated AC is then coupled with filtering, surge suppression, and a TEAL isolation transformer to make a complete power-conditioning package.

Web: ?www.teal.com
Phone: (858) 558-9000

Wireless Monitors from TFS

Three-Five Systems Inc (TFS of Tempe, Ariz) has introduced the TFS Wireless Monitor System, a line of wireless displays that allow full XGA (1,024 x 768 at 30 frames per second) video resolution over a wireless link using 802.11a protocols. A wireless transmitter is connected to the PC through standard analog VGA, keyboard, mouse, and audio inputs. The keyboard, mouse, and audio speakers are then attached to a wireless receiver embedded in the LCD monitor housing. The system is completely plug and play, and it does not require a new operating system, drivers, or application software. Interfacing with any remote computer up to 100 feet away, the system uses the Advanced Encryption Standard for secure transmission of audio and streaming-video data.

Web: ?www.tfsc.com
Phone: (602) 389-8600

3-D Hard Copy Printing and Imaging System from Volugraphics

The Volugram 3-D hard copy printing and imaging system from Volugraphics Inc (Atlanta) delivers high-resolution photographic-quality autostereoscopic prints and transparencies instantly and on demand. The hard copies can be produced from any 3-D medical imaging modality, including ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET/SPECT, and rotational angiography. The system consists of a series of image-related products, including automated autostereoscopic lenticular printers, a software suite, and a line of 3-D digital and nondigital cameras. Using the Volugram system, hard copies can be produced at a rate of more than 25 per hour. The system also is capable of producing animated hard copies that are useful for showing movement or changes over a period of time.

Web: ?www.volugraphics.com