Image Acquisition Board from Coreco Imaging
Coreco Imaging (St Laurent, Quebec) recently released the PC2-CamLink, a monochrome image acquisition board designed for the 32-bit PCI bus. The board allows for transfers of displays to host memory, freeing the CPU to perform processing tasks more quickly. The PC2-CamLink supports variable frame lengths from any line scan camera, infinite vertical length frames, and area scan camera frame sizes up to 8KB pixels by 8KB lines. ? 514-333-1301

 Archive Management Software from Kodak
Eastman Kodak Co (Rochester, NY) has announced second-quarter 2004 availability of its Versatile Intelligent Patient Archive (VIParchive) software, which manages images and information for multiple information systems and storage platforms. Because VIParchive is media-, technology-, and storage-vendor neutral, it can be integrated throughout a healthcare system’s existing IT infrastructure. The company has incorporated the VIParchive platform within its DIRECTVIEW PACS System 5. ? 585-724-4000

 Area Scan Camera from DALSA
DALSA Corp (Waterloo, Ontario) has introduced the Pantera TF 1M60, one of the industry’s only 12-bit 1,024 x 1,024-area scan cameras capable of frame rates to 60 per second and a dynamic range that exceeds 66 dB without the need for cooling. The camera’s 12-micron square-pixel format, 180,000 electron full well, and 100% fill factor offer excellent image quality at low-light levels. With its high speed and compact footprint, the Pantera TF 1M60 is well suited for medical imaging applications. ? 519-886-6000

 Medically Inspired Poster from Med/ART
Med/ART (Morristown, NJ) has released its ninth poster in The Fine Art of Healing series of interpretative anatomical posters. Called Chain Reaction, the poster illustrates a close-up view of the vertebrae and measures 21 x 25 inches. Med/ART posters and prints are suited to fit many medical specialties, and hospitals and clinics have claimed that patients find the artwork uplifting. The original painting was created by D. Krin Korkes and has been reproduced on quality paper. Custom framing is available. ? 973-539-2179

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