productSliding Shielded Door
Lindgren RF Enclosures Inc., an ESCO Technologies Company, is announcing new medical shielded door technology. The new Sliding Shielded Door (SSD) system answers the need for both shielding and special access door requirements in medical environments. Available in single or double door configurations, the pneumatically sealed SSD system features a flat threshold for smooth patient transport in and out. Each SSD system provides RF shielding for MRI protection, and lead shielding can be supplemented for radiation protection.

For more information, contact Lindgren at 630-307-7200, or view its Web site at:

productMiniaturized Wire and Cable
Calmont Wire & Cable is debuting new miniaturized wire and cable for the medical industry, namely for implantable devices and applications. Calmont can insulate a conductor of 0.002 of an inch diameter with 1.5 mils of Teflon, resulting in an insulated ultraflexible wire no larger than 0.005 of an inch in diameter. Calmont manufactures multiples of these individual conductors into some of the smallest cables available.

For more information, contact Calmont at 714-549-0336, or view its Web site at

productArchiving Software
KOM Networks Inc. is releasing the latest version of its Optistorm for Windows NT/2000 software. The new software version combines all the advantages of optical storage while retaining the access, convenience and functionality of hard disk drives. Optistorm integrates with existing medical/healthcare application software to provide centralized storage and back-end archiving solutions. Data ranging from text reports, scanned documents, ECGs, PACS and fetal monitoring can be archived securely to optical disk.

For more information, contact KOM Networks at 613-599-7205, or view its Website at

productMultimodality Workstation
ComView Corp., a member of Electromed, is offering new ViewStar multimodality workstation with integrated report generation, provides physicians with an easy-to-use tool for diagnosing and documenting procedures from any location on the networking, regardless of modality. The workstation is designed as a departmental solution as it determines the level of privileges for each view and adjusts the available options for generating, signing, distributing and reviewing images and reports. Additional administrative tools are available for billing codes, technician assessment and data harvesting. An optional dual monitor configuration also is available.

For more information, contact Comview at 800-444-3022, or view its Website at

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