Summary: Bayer and Rad AI are collaborating to integrate Rad AI’s radiology operational solutions with Bayer’s Calantic Digital Solutions, streamlining radiology workflows and reporting through AI-driven technologies

Key Takeaways:

  1. Integration of Rad AI and Calantic Digital Solutions: Bayer and Rad AI are collaborating to integrate Rad AI’s radiology operational solutions, including speech recognition, patient follow-up management, and automated impression generation, with Bayer’s Calantic Digital Solutions platform.
  2. Enhancement of Radiology Workflows: The collaboration aims to improve radiology workflows by utilizing AI-driven technologies, which help radiologists create reports faster, generate customized impressions, and automate follow-up processes for incidental findings.
  3. Expanding Access and Adoption of AI in Radiology: The partnership seeks to expand access to advanced radiology technologies and demonstrate clear ROI from AI applications, increasing confidence and adoption among hospitals and health systems.


Bayer and Rad AI are collaborating to integrate Rad AI’s radiology operational solutions with Calantic Digital Solutions. Rad AI offers radiology speech recognition, AI-driven patient follow-up management, and automated radiology impression generation, enhancing Bayer’s platform for hospitals and health systems.

Imaging data comprises about 90% of all healthcare data, with the volume of images continually growing, increasing radiologists’ workload. This collaboration allows radiology suites to utilize AI applications through a single vendor.

Enhancing Radiology Workflow Automation

Rad AI Reporting helps radiologists create reports faster by using AI to organize them and integrate stable findings from prior reports. Rad AI Omni Impressions generates customized report impressions from dictated findings, reducing fatigue. Rad AI Continuity automates the follow-up process for incidental findings, promoting timely patient follow-up and potentially increasing imaging revenue.

Calantic™ Digital Solutions is a cloud-hosted platform with applications designed to aid in prioritization, lesion detection, and workflow automation in radiology suites. It uses a structured assessment criteria approach to select apps.

Expanding Access to Radiology Technologies

“Rad AI and Bayer are dedicated to pioneering innovations that serve hospitals and health systems, allowing for greater access to these advanced technologies. This relationship allows for expanded use of our cutting-edge solutions in hospitals across the country,” says Doktor Gurson, co-founder and CEO of Rad AI.

Rich Dewit, senior vice president of digital solutions at Bayer Radiology, adds: “Our customers consistently convey to us that a clear ROI from the use of AI will help to increase confidence and adoption. Demonstrating ROI via operational applications like those on Bayer’s Calantic Digital Solutions platform is often an easier path, which is why Bayer is excited to enter into this agreement with Rad AI. This technology has the ability to help physicians optimize and streamline their radiology reporting, and deliver benefits for the patient and the health system.”