Imaging software company Sirona Medical has forged a partnership with RevealDx, a Seattle-based software developer focused on improving lung cancer outcomes through radiomics-based, clinical decision support. The partnership will enable RevealDx to integrate their CE-marked RevealAI-Lung algorithm into Sirona’s radiology platform, Workspace, making it easier for radiologists to implement the AI model into practice. 

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in the U.S. Early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer is critical to increasing survival rates—which currently is less than 20%. Recent updates to national screening guidelines could result in a 54% increase in patients eligible for screenings. This potential surge will require arming radiologists with better AI tools to not only help with diagnosing lung nodules but also to ensure appropriate follow-up and long-term patient management. 

“We are excited to welcome our first AI partner, RevealDx, to our RadOS platform as we believe radiology IT systems need to be fundamentally re-architectured—unifying the worklist, viewer, reporter, and AI onto one system—for AI algorithms to provide optimal usability and performance for vendors and physicians alike,” says Cameron Andrews, founder and CEO of Sirona Medical. 

Andrews adds, “With a modern platform, AI has the power to redefine the radiology work product. We look forward to partnering with other leading AI developers to create the novel tools and radiomics applications that will amplify the value of radiology.”

This is the first AI partnership for Sirona Medical since the company’s exit from stealth in August 2021. It is part of the company’s vision to equip AI developers and radiology practices with the infrastructure necessary to realize the value of AI at scale. The fragmented, siloed nature of the existing radiology IT landscape causes workflow frustrations for radiologists, but also for software developers having to deploy their applications through hundreds of custom integrations, according to Sirona and RevealDX officials.

“Sirona’s products have structural characteristics that allow them to do what other PACS cannot, making it easier to integrate our AI into the diagnostic process,” adds Chris Wood, CEO of RevealDx. “Sirona is a critical partner for us as we begin our commercialization process here in the U.S.” 

Wood, who has over 30 years of experience in both AI and PACS, will also serve as an advisor to Sirona Medical, providing guidance on improvements and updates to Sirona’s RadOS platform.