Aidoc, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for radiologists announces the company has been granted U.S. FDA clearance for a deep-learning solution to assist radiologists in flagging acute intracranial hemorrhage cases in head CT scans. The deep-learning AI solution analyzes medical images after the patient is scanned and notifies the radiologist of cases with suspected findings to assist with triaging time-sensitive and potentially life-threatening cases.

The FDA ruling is an indication of Aidoc’s impact on the healthcare AI industry and expanding clinical value, company officials say. “In a recent clinical study that we ran, Ai-doc’s brain package demonstrated its potential to substantially reduce report turnaround time and increase the radiologist’s confidence,” says Barry D. Pressman, MD, chairman of imaging for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in New York, and a former president of the American College of Radiology.

“Seeing the software in action emphasized the key aspects an AI solution needs to possess to have an impact on the radiologist day-to-day, seamless integration into the workflow and broad applicability,” Pressman adds. “With the evidence I’ve seen, in the not so distant future, it will almost be unthinkable to practice radiology without the assistance of solutions like Aidoc.”

Commercialized outside the U.S. since December 2017, Aidoc is in the process of applying for FDA clearance for the remainder of its solutions, which will assist in the detection of a broad set of acute pathologies across the body, according to the company, which boasts deployments in more than 50 medical centers worldwide.

“We decided to focus our solution on acute pathologies, where quality of care and time are of the essence,” says Aidoc’s CEO, Elad Walach. “Radiologists are challenged with responding to large numbers of acute cases in a timely fashion,” he adds. “The key, we believe, is to be comprehensive. If you really want to impact the daily practice you have to cover a significant portion of the radiologist’s workflow. Our solution can sift through the whole worklist in the background and highlight cases that require immediate attention, improving radiologist’s response times.”