Summary: RADPAIR and NewVue have partnered to integrate RADPAIR’s AI diagnostic reporting capabilities into NewVue’s workflow orchestrator, aiming to create a cloud-native solution enhancing radiologists’ workflow efficiency and report quality.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Improved Workflow and Reporting: RADPAIR’s AI diagnostic tools enhance NewVue’s workflow, improving radiologist efficiency and report quality.
  2. AI and Cloud Integration: The partnership uses AI and LLMs to create a cloud-native platform that auto-generates personalized worklists and integrates with PACS, replacing old systems.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: RADPAIR’s system allows real-time report generation and editing, with PAIR Insights improving report clarity for clinicians and patients, boosting radiologist job satisfaction.


RADPAIR and NewVue have announced a strategic partnership to integrate RADPAIR’s advanced AI diagnostic reporting capabilities into NewVue’s workflow orchestrator, creating a cloud-native solution to improve radiologists’ workflow and report quality.

This collaboration aims to transform how radiologists manage worklists, clinical information, report dictation, case follow-ups, and productivity tracking. By leveraging AI and large language models (LLMs), the new cloud product promises an innovative and efficient experience.

AI-Generated Curated Worklists

EmpowerSuite automatically generates a curated worklist based on the radiologist’s profile, including their specialties, credentialing, insurance coverage, shifts, and location. This approach improves job satisfaction by allowing radiologists to adjust their reading pace and cadence.

Moreover, the worklist integrates with PACS and the EmpowerSuite Clinical information screen, which uses AI to summarize prior reports and clinical information. The RADPAIR AI-powered reporting system generates reports from conversational inputs, with features for real-time generation and easy editing. The cloud-native platform allows seamless sign-in and eliminates context switching, enabling radiologists to focus on diagnostics. It integrates with existing PACS and replaces legacy VR and dictation systems.

Enhancing Radiology Reports

Avez Rizvi, MD, a diagnostic radiologist and founder and CEO of RADPAIR, says, “Our new classification system, PAIR Insights, enhances report guidelines for better understanding by clinicians and patients. This partnership with NewVue improves the radiology experience.”

NewVue CEO Kyle Lawton also spoke out about the partnership, commenting: “By integrating RADPAIR’s technology into our workflow orchestrator, we set a new standard for radiology practices, enhancing reporting efficiency and radiologist well-being.”