Rad AI, a radiologist-led AI company, announces that it has finalized a partnership with Cone Health, a not-for-profit healthcare network serving patients in Guilford, Alamance, Rockingham, Forsyth, Randolph, and surrounding counties in North Carolina, to leverage and enhance Rad AI’s Continuity platform for care coordination. 

Rad AI Continuity closes the loop on follow-up recommendations for significant incidental findings in radiology reports, according to company officials. Using AI-driven automation, Continuity ensures that appropriate patient follow-up is communicated, ordered, scheduled, and completed. This improves patient outcomes, reduces health system liability, and creates new margin for health systems and radiology practices. Continuity integrates directly into a health systems’ EHR, and its platform also works seamlessly with outpatient imaging centers.

“Rad AI Continuity provides a transformative approach to perhaps one of the most vexing patient care problems—how to effectively identify, track, and prompt the appropriate completion of best practice recommendations included within radiology reports,” says Michael Gilliam, director of radiology at Cone Health’s Annie Penn Hospital. “Not only does Continuity close the loop on follow-up recommendations, it also detects when significant incidental findings require BPRs that weren’t mentioned, helping to increase report accuracy and ensure appropriate patient follow-up.”

“We have seen how critical it is to close the loop on significant incidental findings and what a challenging problem it is to address using our currently available resources,” adds Mary Jo Cagle, MD, CEO of Cone Health. “By automating the majority of steps related to patient follow-ups, Rad AI removes those manual tasks from our clinical team and gives them back more time to focus on caring for their patients.” 

Dr. Jeff Chang, cofounder and chief product officer of Rad AI, also spoke out about Continuity, commenting: “Continuity is the only solution on the market that handles all types of freeform and consensus guideline recommendations, and assesses clinical appropriateness based on the health system’s preferences. Continuity’s ability to streamline communication, physician ordering, and patient scheduling increases the rate of appropriate follow-up imaging and referrals from an average of 25% at most health systems, up to 70%-75%.”

He adds, “Cone Health is a national leader in quality, service and cost, and we believe Rad AI Continuity will help Cone Health further expand its leadership in these areas. Our organizations share a passion for delivering exceptional care for all patients and reducing the burden on care teams, and this partnership furthers our combined mission.”