Lunit, based in Seoul, Korea, recently debuted its advanced, cloud-based artificial intelligence solution for real-time image analysis, the Lunit INSIGHT. The company performed the first live demonstration of the software to the public at the annual meeting of the Radiology Society of North America.

Lunit INSIGHT is a cloud-based imaging artificial intelligence (AI)  platform that is currently available to the public at The platform delivers Lunit’s AI models; the first one to be unveiled is the chest x-ray solution. Lunit’s chest x-ray solution detects major chest abnormalities, lung nodule/mass, consolidation, and pneumothorax, with a high level of accuracy—97% standalone accuracy in nodule detection, 99% for consolidation and pneumothorax.

“Lunit’s vision is to develop advanced software for medical data analysis and interpretation that goes beyond the level of human vision,” says Anthony S. Paek, CEO of Lunit. “In presenting Lunit INSIGHT, we hope to contribute in opening a new era of medical practice, by helping and empowering healthcare professionals to make more accurate, consistent, and efficient clinical decisions for the patients.”Users can upload their medical images via online. AI analysis results appear in just a few seconds, including not only the level of abnormality, but also the visualization of the AI’s attention map.