DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd. (DiA), Be’er Sheva, Israel and Hartford, Conn, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools for ultrasound analysis, announced its LVivo EF cardiac decision-support software for GE’ Healthcare’s new Vscan Extend handheld, pocket-sized, ultrasound system is now available for purchase. The collaboration between the two companies is an outgrowth of work between DiA and GE Healthcare that began last year.

According to the company, LVivo EF is the first AI-powered, ejection-fraction (EF), automated app that is able to operate in low-memory and processing-power mobile ultrasound environments. EF evaluation is a key diagnostic criterion driving various treatment strategies in point-of-care (POC) settings—particularly in emergency medicine, intensive care, and anesthesia.

“As handheld, point-of-care, ultrasound procedures expand across the industry, and [as] AI plays a growing role in ultrasound analysis, working with GE Healthcare is the beginning of transforming point-of-care ultrasound to a more consistent and patient-centered process,” says DiA CEO and co-founder Hila Goldman-Aslan. “As the first automated EF software tool on a handheld ultrasound, we are confident that clinicians across emergency, primary care, ICU and other point-of-care settings will immediately recognize how LVivo EF empowers their real-time decision-making and enhances efficiency.”

Traditionally, most EF interpretation at POC is conducted through visual estimation, with clinician experience levels varying across POC settings. This means that achieving an accurate EF result in POC settings can be challenging. LVivo EF addresses this challenge by quickly and efficiently providing clinicians with left ventricle EF scoring and volume measurements via DiA’s advanced, proprietary AI technology, and advanced-pattern-recognition algorithms that imitate the way the human eye identifies borders and motion.

“Offering the LVivo EF app underscores GE Healthcare’s continued commitment to supporting clinicians with improved productivity,” says Rob Walton, general manager of GE Healthcare Primary Care Ultrasound. “By collaborating with third-party developers and experienced Vscan Extend users, GE Healthcare has been able to offer apps that give users the option to customize their Vscan Extend according to their unique needs.”

LVivo EF is part of the DiA cardiac toolbox. The company offers additional cardiac ultrasound decision-support apps—which, like LVivo EF—are U.S. FDA-cleared and CE Marked in the European Union.