San Francisco-based Braid Health has secured U.S. FDA clearance for its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered diagnostic collaboration software, improving diagnostic access and reducing costs for large healthcare systems, urgent care clinics, and retail clinics. Traditionally, the imaging process is fraught with delays and a lack of communication between providers and patients.

The Braid mobile application lets providers and radiologists access, review, and annotate images and share results with patients in real-time—from any mobile device. With integrated AI for quality assurance, the software also helps providers avoid errors and ensure interpretations are highly accurate. 

“The Braid platform puts cutting-edge consumer technology directly into the pocket of providers and patients, fundamentally raising the bar on quality when it comes to patient care,” says Rajni Natesan, MD, MBA, Braid Health’s chief medical officer. “Leveraging the Braid platform, providers have the ability to facilitate care in a timely and collaborative manner, while allowing patients to continue their care journey seamlessly across health systems and providers.”

Braid’s mobility solution can be layered on top of any existing PACS or imaging storage system, without healthcare organizations having to purchase an expensive solution built on legacy technology in order to add mobile diagnostics.