Blackford, a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) medical imaging implications, has inked a strategic deal with 3M Health Information Systems. The collaboration focuses on the North American market and aims to bring improved AI efficiencies into the radiology reporting workflow.

An integrated diagnostic reporting solution, 3M M*Modal Fluency for Imaging combines advanced speech recognition technology, computer-assisted physician documentation for real-time clinical insights, information-enabled workflow management, and productivity-enhancing tools.

Blackford provides a AI marketplace with a curated selection of integrated AI applications that allows customers to identify those best suited to their organization, measure their potential, roll them out, and realize the value that they can deliver.

“We are aligned with Blackford in our goals to optimize the radiologist experience, to improve the quality of the report and aid in enhanced patient care,” says Joe Stadther, vice president of the clinician solutions business at 3M Health Information Systems. “Together, we can streamline reporting workflows, help reduce the possibility of human errors, and improve radiologists’ satisfaction.”

“Blackford is excited to team with 3M to help provide customers access to the broadest AI marketplace in the industry,” adds Ben Panter, CEO Blackford Analysis. “Through this collaboration, we see an opportunity to provide radiologists with an improved workflow experience as it relates to the use of clinical AI in radiology alongside the well-established value provided by 3M M*Modal Fluency for Imaging.”