Avicenna.AI announces that its U.S. FDA-cleared applications for neurovascular emergencies, CINA-ICH and CINA-LVO, are available on the Nuance AI Marketplace, a portal that provides users with access to a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostic models.

Specifically, CINA offers radiologists a solution for triaging patients with positive impact on high occurrence life-threatening pathologies. CINA-ICH and CINA-LVO automatically detect and prioritize acute intracranial hemorrhage and large vessel occlusion cases within 20 seconds, alerting the radiologist within their existing systems and workflow.

The Nuance AI Marketplace functions like an app store dedicated to radiology. It gives algorithm developers consolidated, at-scale access to users of Nuance PowerScribe, the radiology reporting system utilized by approximately 80% of U.S. radiologists.

Radiologists can discover, test, and use AI models from within their familiar Nuance PowerScribe reporting and workflow orchestration solutions to increase reporting efficiency and quality, and to help care teams improve patient outcomes and healthcare costs. A built-in feedback channel lets users share real-world results with developers for model refinement and post-market surveillance.

“We are glad to partner with a global partner such as Nuance who shares our same values to put patient care at the core of their business,” says Cyril Di Grandi, CEO and co-founder of Avicenna.AI. “Together we are committed to transforming medical imaging by empowering radiologists in their daily tasks. Thanks to this partnership and our combined solutions, we aim to advance the future of healthcare.”