Medical AI provider Aidoc has expanded its partnership with European med-tech company GLEAMER to integrate ChestView AI for X-ray. This technology detects potential signs of lung issues, including pneumothorax, pleural effusion, consolidations, mediastinal mass, and lung nodules.

With this partnership, Aidoc becomes the exclusive AI platform provider for comprehensive chest imaging in both CT and X-ray. These advanced capabilities are supported by Aidoc’s aiOS platform, designed to integrate into healthcare organizations’ existing IT infrastructure for scalable AI implementation. Aidoc also offers EMR-integrated patient follow-up tools to ensure appropriate care continuity.

Christian Allouche, CEO and co-founder of GLEAMER, expressed enthusiasm about the extended partnership, emphasizing its positive impact on patient care and radiology reading.

This partnership aligns with the U.K. government’s £21 million AI Diagnostic Fund initiative to accelerate AI integration into the NHS. Given the significant backlog of chest X-rays and the strain on imaging departments, Aidoc’s collaboration underscores its commitment to AI deployment, supporting earlier cancer diagnoses, and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes, company officials say.

Mike Burns, Aidoc’s sales director for U.K. and Ireland at Aidoc, adds: “Considering the immense backlog of chest x-rays across hospitals in the UK, the integration of GLEAMER’s ChestView is an essential step in tackling some of the real challenges facing our NHS right now.”

What’s more, Burns says, “Powered by the enterprise-grade scalability of our AI platform, GLEAMER’s ChestView solution is another highly valued addition to our suite of industry-leading AI solutions that, combined, empower health systems to improve patient outcomes across multiple modalities and departments.”