imageMonochrome LCD Monitor
U.S. Electronics Inc./Totoku (Minneapolis) has released its Model ME311L Active Matrix Monochrome LCD monitor designed for CT and MRI applications. The 20.8-inch monitor contains a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536, a viewing angle of 170 degrees in all directions, and 1021 gray scales. The unit comes with universal VESA mounting for wall mount and other robotic fixtures. For more information, contact U.S. Electronics at 952-285-5720.

imageInformation Management for Cardiology
ScImage, Inc. (Los Altos, Calif.) is introducing its PicomOnLine for cardiology web-enabled image and information management system. The system uses an application service provider (ASP) model in which healthcare facilities can review, report on and electronically distribute cardiac CT image files and their associated data files over a secure Internet link. Physicians can access the files from their home or office PC. For more information, contact ScImage at 650-694-4858, or visit its Web site at

imageDICOM Mini-Pacs
RamSoft Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) has released its Ultrapro PACS system providing DICOM 3.0 multimodality solutions for imaging departments, clinics and teleradiology centers. The complete system includes patient scheduling, analog and digital acquisition, archiving, retrieving, diagnostic processing, reviewing, printing and communication. Video acquisition of ultrasound and fluoroscopy images also is included. For more information, contact RamSoft at 888-343-9146, or visit its Web site at

imageFlat-Panel Display
National Display Systems (NDS) (Morgan Hill, Calif.) is introducing its Nova series of high-contrast (800:1) monochrome flat-panel monitors for radiology and PACS systems. The monitors are capable of displaying 724 grayscales (9.5 bit) and resolution of 2048 x 1536. The monitors do not have color filters in the glass, which creates a purer gamma curve and increases luminance by 300 percent, according to the company. for more information, contact NDS at 925-828-0262.

imagePersonal Alarming Dosimeter
Inovision Radiation Measurements (Cleveland) is announcing its Revealer, a solid-state personal alarming dosimeter for the protection of personnel administering cancer radiation treatments, and those working in the presence of radiation sources. The dosimeter provides real-time radiation dose information and stores five years of personal dose history. The Revealer is the size of a credit card. For more information, contact Inovision at 440-248-9300, or visit its Web site at

imageEyeglass Display
MicroOptical Corp. (Westwood, Mass.) is offering its Integrated Eyeglass Display to enable users to see a virtual image of video or computer data. Switched on or off, the eyeglasses maintain their normal see-through viewing and can be worn as ordinary glasses. A video signal is transmitted to the glasses via cable. This image is relayed through the eyeglass lens itself to a combiner embedded in the center of the lens, which reflects the image into the eye of the viewer. For more information, contact MicroOptical Corp. at 781-326-8111, ext. 111, or visit the company’s Web site at