TOSHIBA Infinix Bay Area Medical Center (BAMC) in Marinette, Wis., recently purchased the Infinix Elite cardiovascular X-ray system from Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc., Tustin, Calif.

Seeking to provide its patients with efficient exams that combine safety and image quality, BAMC will utilize the system in both the interventional radiology and cardiology departments, including peripheral and cath lab procedures.

“When looking to update our technology, we needed flexibility without compromising image quality or the safety of our patients and staff,” said Jason Hayward, lead cardiovascular technologist at Bay Area Medical Center. “The versatility and dose management technology Toshiba offered, along with our experience with their support staff, gave us confidence that the Infinix system was the right fit.”

The Infinix Elite is equipped with a C-arm that is designed to move around patients and clinicians safely. It also features WorkRite ergonomic enhancements for a more faster, precise exam, in addition to Spot Fluoroscopy that aids in radiation exposure management.

“Toshiba’s customer-first approach means giving our partners the tools to meet patients’ needs as well as business needs,” said Bill Newsom, director of the x-ray vascular business unit at Toshiba. “The Infinix Elite’s improvement of workflow and patient experience, as well as Toshiba’s emphasis on experienced support, eliminates the choice between safety and quality for both patient and provider.”

For more information, visit Toshiba.

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