Carestream Health announced it has begun shipping its wireless Carestream DRX 2530C small-format digital radiography detector. The detector offers x-ray exams for pediatric, orthopaedic, and general radiology applications.

The new cesium iodide detector’s size (25 cm x 30 cm) and high detective quantum efficiency can enhance care for premature babies and infants in the pediatric ICU. It can also offer lower dose than computed radiography cassettes or gadolinium scintillator detectors.

The new DRX 2530C detector fits into a tray located underneath an incubator, so it allows technologists to obtain x-ray images to monitor the condition of ill or premature babies without moving them. It is also ideal for tabletop exams such as knee, elbow, skull, and other exams that may require a patient to hold the detector or require a smaller field of view.

Carestream offers advanced image processing software that is used to optimize image quality for pediatric patients. The software includes seven patient sizes as specified by FDA guidelines for pediatric exams. Carestream also offers specialized image processing software for other applications including enhanced viewing of tubes and PICC lines and pneumothorax.