Rebuilding the medical infrastructure in Haiti will take time, but an important first step was made when FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA donated an FCR Go digital x-ray system to a hospital in Carrefour.

The FCR Go is a portable system that combines both a detector and viewing station. It features a built-in FCR Carbon XL CR system and a notebook version of the Flash IIP technologist console. In the particularly demanding situation in Haiti, the FCR Go will deliver not only high-quality digital images, but will allow clinicians to view them in 23 seconds with an hourly throughput of 94 images. The Flash IIP has an 80 GB hard drive and its quick image scan at the bedside allows for easy positioning check. The detector features a telescopic arm that can be angled and rotated for easy positioning of the x-ray tube.

The system was donated through a partnership with Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT, and AmeriCares, which has donated more than $11 million since the earthquake and will provide transport for the system once it arrives in Haiti.


(Source: Press Release and Fuji Company Website)