Stand-Alone CD Burner from American Medical Sales
American Medical Sales Inc (AMS of Hawthorne, Calif) has launched Catella, a self-contained CD burner designed for high-volume CD creation. The Catella is fully automated, transferring a patient’s DICOM images onto a CD and printing a label with the patient’s name and creation date. A customized institutional label also can be created. Each CD includes a DICOM viewer for image viewing and manipulation on any Windows-based PC. As many as 50 CDs can be printed automatically without reloading media. ? 800-423-3535

 Wireless Tracking Solution from Ascension Technology
Ascension Technology (Burlington, Vt) has introduced the 3D Navigator, a wireless tracker for real-time visualization applications. The solution is an ergonomically designed wireless interface between graphical computers and human users, who are free to move without trailing cables. The user wears a wireless belt pack connected to magnetic sensors in a handheld 3-D?navigation device and a head tracker. The sensors’ positions and orientation coordinates are referenced to a pulsed DC magnetic field. Sensor data is then transmitted to a compact base station. ? 802-893-6657

 Adjustable Monitor Arm from Ergotron
Ergotron (St Paul, Minn) offers the Neo-Flex Arm, an adjustable arm for flat-panel monitors that weigh 18 lbs or less. The arm provides 8 inches of vertical movement, 180? right/left and up/down monitor tilt, and 360? portrait/landscape and side-to-side rotation. Clamping to the back of the desk, the arm frees up desk space. ? 800-888-8458

 Flat-Panel Lamp System from Gilway Technical Lamp
Gilway Technical Lamp (Woburn, Mass) has announced availability of the Osram Planon flat-panel lamp system that, through its 3/8-inch thin-profile light source, provides uniform brightness up to 8,800 candela/m2. This self-contained, mercury-free lamp is unaffected by switching cycles, lasts 100,000 hours, and comes in 10- to 23-inch diagonal sizes. The Osram Planon is dimmable down to 20% and yields up to twice the maintained brightness of hot- and cold-cathode fluorescent lamps. ? 781-935-4442

 Image-Processing Software from Glenbrook Technologies
Glenbrook Technologies (Randolph, NJ) has introduced the GTI-1000, an image-processing program that allows users of? X-ray inspection systems to capture, enhance, transmit, and store images. The system supports the QA monitoring of medical devices, and it allows both live and freeze viewing-in either production or lab environments. Frame averaging is selectable from 2 to 32 frames, with manual or automatic contrast adjustment. The GTI-1000 can be ordered with or retrofitted to any Glenbrook real-time X-ray inspection system. ? 973-361-8866

 Portable Device for EMRs from Medical Information Technologies
Medical Information Technologies (Red Bank, NJ) has launched the Health-eKey portable storage device for electronic medical records (EMRs). It’s the first of its kind to offer secure transporting via a key chain, and the data is fully encrypted. The company reviews, organizes, and stores patients’ medical records on the Health-eKey, which plugs into any computer, allowing patients to transport EMRs to any healthcare provider, hospital, or emergency room. ? 732-450-9151

 Programmable Smart Camera from Matrox Imaging
Matrox Imaging (Dorval, Quebec) offers the Iris P-Series of programmable smart cameras, which features hardware for image sensing as well as software application programming interface for image analysis. Running the Windows CE .Net real-time operating system, the camera is programmed using Microsoft’s Visual C++. OEMs and integrators can develop their applications with the Matrox Imaging Library. ? 800-804-6243

 Color LCD Module from Optrex America
Optrex America Inc (Plymouth, Mich) has released the T-51750, a 6.5-inch color LCD module with VGA resolution. Display features include an ultra-slim outline, a luminance of 400 nits, and a 300:1 contrast ratio. The module is supplied with reverse-scan capabilities that enable users to select either a normal or a reverse scan to obtain the best intended image (depending on whether the mounted display will be typically viewed from above or below). The T-51750’s two field-replaceable CCFL backlights have a minimum lifetime of 30,000 hours. ? 734-416-8500

 Radiation-Sensitive Camera from Rad-icon Imaging
Rad-icon Imaging Corp (Santa Clara, Calif) offers the Shad-o-Box 4K, a radiation-sensitive imaging camera developed specifically for real-time, high-resolution radiography applications. Featuring a 10 x 10-cm active area, flat-panel CMOS detector with more than 4 million picture elements, the camera incorporates an integrated direct-contact phosphor screen for converting 10-50 kV X-ray photons into visible light that is sensed by the CMOS imager. Other features of the Shad-o-Box include 48 ?m resolution, 12-bit digital video output, and ready-to-run software and drivers. ? 408-486-0886

 Conditioning Power System from Staco Energy Products
Staco Energy Products Co (Dayton, Ohio) now offers the FirstLine conditioning power system (CPS) that protects against 98% of power problems, has a low maintenance requirement, and features built-in diagnostic tools. The CPS provides power protection for applications where blackouts are rare but unacceptable, such as MRI, X-ray, and CT scanners. Through its double-conversion technology, the FirstLine isolates the connected load from the primary AC supply to protect it from voltage sags, spikes, and frequency variations. The front-mounted, user-friendly display panel provides for complete monitoring and control of the connected systems. ? 937-253-1191

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