AMS Expands Features to Motorized Viewers
American Medical Sales (Hawthorne, Calif.)

American Medical Sales, Inc. has added three new features with their Rotolux and Mammolux motorized viewers. A new Frame-Specific masking feature allows the user to store each masking shape to a specific frame/panel. Once a frame is recalled, the shuttering system will automatically adjust to the shape that was last used on that frame. The new Store-to-Field feature enables the radiologist to mask to a specific area of interest on a frame and store it to memory so it can be easily recalled at a later time for further study or peer consultation. The third feature is a half-step component so a frame can either advance or reverse one-half frame at a time.

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d03b.jpg (14458 bytes)Swearingen RMS for Windows Adds Fingerprint Security
Swearingen Software (Houston, Texas )

With the growing concern for security in access to healthcare data a high priority, Swearingen Software in September will roll out fingerprint security for its Version 3 release of RMS for Windows radiology information system to restrict user access to patient and system data. RMS for Windows Version 3 will utilize the “UAreU” technology, under license from DigitalPersona. With this hardware/software solution, users seeking access to RMS will log in using the 2.5″ x 2″ fingerprint scanner to match their fingerprints to a database of fingerprint images, each linked to a unique user ID. The system offers a GUI that is intuitive, offering prompts to guide the user quickly through the log in process.

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d03c.jpg (8973 bytes)KVP Meter Gains More Affordability
Electronic Control Concepts (Saugerties, N.Y.)

Electronic Control Concepts is now offering a price reduction on its kVp Meter Model 815. The Model 815 is a multi-function meter that measures peak accelerating voltage and exposure time simultaneously on all types of x-rays. A connector also is provided for radiation waveform display on a storage oscilloscope. This unit measures kVp directly from the x-ray beam, with no connections to the x-ray head or high voltage cables being necessary. The meter, which covers a range of 45 to 120 kVp and is accurate to within 2 percent, comes with a two year warranty.

For more information, contact Electronic Control Concepts at 800-VIP-XRAY or visit its website at

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