productUnit Dose Cabinet Designed for PET
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. (Shirley, N.Y.) has released a new Unit Dose Cabinet designed for small PET hot labs. This shielded cabinet (.25″ thick lead) provides a space-efficient work area with ample shielded storage capacity. The cabinet supports a Compact L-Block Shield with built-in dose calibrator shield and lead brick cave, a recess-mounted sharps container shield and a dose calibrator, mounted on a stand above the countertop to increase work space. Key locked storage space provides two sliding top shelves and two sliding bottom shelves. The bottom shelves are suitable to hold PET Shipping Containers; the top shelves can be used to store syringes, syringe shields and other small items.

For more information, contact Biodex Medical Systems at 800-224-6339 (in New York, 631-924-9000) or visit its website at

productVision processor boards
Matrox Imaging (Dorval, Quebec, Canada) recently launched its new Odyssey Xpro and Odyssey XCL vision processor boards. The scalable Matrox Odyssey Xpro features the premier Motorola G4 PowerPC embedded microprocessor, running at 1 GHz. The single-slot Odyssey Xpro also offers over 5 GB per second of memory bandwidth, up to 1 GB of DDR SDRAM memory and up to 2 GB per second of external I/O bandwidth. The Odyssey XCL is an entry-level, non-scalable, cost-sensitive version of the Odyssey Xpro.

For more information, contact Matrox at 514-685-2630, or visit its website at

productDigital Retrofit RF and DSA Systems
InfiMed, Inc. (Liverpool, N.Y.) has announced the release of two new products: PlatinumOne RF and PlatinumOne DSA, a new line of digital retrofit x-ray acquisition systems featuring the new Innovision digital CCD camera. The systems offer digital capabilities for RF, urology, and angiography. Both systems combine DICOM connectivity with advanced image processing features and the new Innovision camera.

For more information, contact InfiMed at 315-453-4545 or visit its website at

productEducational Direct Dosemeter
Unfors Instruments (New Milford, Conn.) is debuting a new instrument to measure real-time dose and dose rate to the staff and others nearby during x-ray examinations such as interventional procedures. The EDD-30 is easy to use, according to the company, with only two keys used to control the device, it takes less than 10 seconds to learn how to operate the pocket-sized instrument. In the specially designed LCD, EDD-30 directly displays accumulated dose, dose rate and time. The instrument is provided with several user selectable alarm levels. The small unique sensor has spherical response characteristics with high accuracy and can easily be placed on a hand, at eye level or over the kidneys. The instrument can be disinfected with 70 percent alcohol.

For more information, please contact Unfors Instruments at 866-4UNFORS or visit its website at

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