At the recent European Congress of Radiology meeting in Austria, Toshiba Medical Systems Europe showcased an ultraportable ultrasound system named Viamo, offering imaging features such as Pulse Subtraction and QuickScan.

The product is expected to launch in the U.S. later this year, pending FDA approval, according to Toshiba America Medical Systems.  

Sharing its core imaging engine with Toshiba’s premium ultrasound platform Aplio XG, the Viamo is ideal for mobile clinical and out-patient applications, as well as physician’s offices where space might be an issue.

Available for Viamo are a dedicated series of Aplio XG transducers with small form factor connectors as well as a standard connector via a cart-mounted transducer connector. Users can operate the system via a brilliant 15” monitor with touch screen functionality and a foldable console that features only fifteen hard keys.

The company also highlighted its works-in-progress Precision Imaging technology, a multi-resolution signal processing technique that analyzes ultrasonic images on the fly and simultaneously at various orders of spatial resolution to separate structure from clutter or noise.

The technology allows widespread areas, such as organs, to appear more homogeneous and smooth, according to the company, adding that delimited objects like lesions or vessels show improved contrast and small objects such as contours or layers are sharpened and more coherent.