Probo Medical, a Tampa, Fla.-based provider of medical imaging equipment, parts, repair, and service, announces that it has inked a deal with Mahwah, N.J.-based Mindray to become an authorized distributor of Mindray North America’s ultrasound solutions. Through this partnership, Probo will offer clinicians immediate and direct access to a broad range of Mindray’s ultrasound imaging products and associated accessories.

“This new distributorship allows our teams to offer our customers a suite of leading-edge diagnostic imaging solutions,” says Michael Asmer, CEO of Probo Medical. “Through this alignment with Mindray, we’re able to offer a wide range of quality, accessible products that meet a healthcare organization’s diagnostic imaging needs.”

Wayne Quinn, president of Mindray North America, also spoke out about the partnership, commenting: “I am thrilled that this new partnership with Probo Medical provides us with an incredible opportunity to expand on our vision of delivering better healthcare for all. As we continue to collaborate with industry leaders and expand our footprint in the private office segment, we are proud of the chance we have to bring innovative, best-in-class, and accessible solutions to a broader range of clinicians.”

Founded in 1991, Mindray is a global manufacturer and supplier of patient monitoring, anesthesia, and ultrasound solutions that range from entry-level black-and-white systems to cart-based and touch-enabled systems with artificial intelligence (AI) or AI-enabled tools.