French ultrasound company SuperSonic Imagine has announced a three-year agreement with ROi (Resource Optimization & innovation) to provide the Aixplorer ultrasound system to ROi’s 15,000 members and affiliates in the United States. ROi is the seventh largest non-government Group Purchasing Organization in the country, managing more than 500 contracts.

The Aixplorer is suitable for ultrasound imaging of the breast, liver, thyroid, prostate, and other organs. The system enables electronic palpation that displays real-time, quantitative (kPa) tissue elasticity on a color-coded bidimensional map to aid physicians in diagnosis. According to SuperSonic Imagine, the UltraFast platform images up to 200 times faster than conventional ultrasound and can generate shear waves in tissue to calculate tissue stiffness. The deal will allow ROi customers to secure the Aixplorer system with ShearWave Elastography on pre-negotiated terms with an option for customized leasing plans.

“The agreement with ROi is further validation of Aixplorer, which has a global installed base and is having a positive impact on patient care worldwide,” said Jacques Souquet, SuperSonic Imagine president and CEO. “This will help to raise awareness of Aixplorer and to bring this highly effective diagnostic tool to clinicians and patients in the ROi network.”

For more information, visit SuperSonic Imagine.