Neurosonix Ltd., an Israeli company that developed non-invasive ultrasound-based embolic protection technologies for use in cardiac surgery and cath lab practice, has received the European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Techno-College Innovation Award for its first device, the EmBlocker.

This prestigious award was established to honor technological breakthroughs in all areas related to thoracic and cardiovascular research. The award was announced at a ceremony at the Annual Techno-College in Geneva, in front of an audience of over a 1,000 leading cardiac surgeons from around the world.

Neurosonix’s EmBlocker uses proprietary ultrasound-based technology, to provide protection against cerebral embolism during open heart procedures. The device uses ultrasonic energy to non-invasively divert emboli flow away from the cerebral arteries in order to reduce the risk of post-operative brain injury.