Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., announces the introduction of the SONIMAGE MX1 portable ultrasound system, optimized for musculoskeletal (MSK) and orthopedic practices, interventional guidance and outpatient centers. SONIMAGE MX1 delivers the power, ease-of-use, and portability that physicians need to make a confident and efficient diagnosis at the point-of-care.

Designed for MSK, anesthesia and pain management exams, the new ultrasound system provides high-resolution image quality and simplified workflow with an intuitive touchscreen interface, according to the company.

Developed with the MSK practitioner in mind and to shorten the learning curve for using the system, the MX1 System features one-touch image optimization to simplify operation. Multiple imaging parameters, such as frequency, focus, and compounding, can be changed automatically by just adjusting the depth. The result of these customized settings is exceptional image quality and resolution reliably and repeatedly, enabling physicians to make a confident diagnosis, provide therapeutic needle guidance and monitor rehabilitation.

An intuitive touchscreen with focused point-of-care exams and a five-button console further improve clinical workflow and ease-of-use. The new Dual Sonic Technology controls ultrasonic noise and enhances ultrasonic transmission efficiency to deliver clear delineation of structures as small as hundreds of microns in diameter.

“From the one-touch image optimization and extreme portability to the Simple Needle Visualization software, the MX1 System enables clinicians to do more with ultrasound at any time and anywhere,” says Joan Toth, senior product marketing manager at Konica Minolta Healthcare. “In a competitive outpatient marketplace, the MSK practitioner can rely on the immediacy of information with the SONIMAGE MX1 to make confident decisions that enhance patient care and satisfaction.”

Konica Minolta preserves a customer’s investment in the company’s ultrasound technology with transducers that are compatible with both the SONIMAGE MX1 and the SONIMAGE HS1. The portable MX1 System, with the same power and exceptional needle visualization as the company’s flagship SONIMAGE HS1 System, is available immediately with a five-year warranty.

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