GE Healthcare today introduced a new ultrasound system for radiology and vascular applications that fuses ultrasound images with images from other imaging modalities like CT and MR.

The LOGIQ E9 includes Volume Navigation, a tool that incorporates two key components to maximize the system’s new ultrasound architecture: fusion, which combines the advantages of real-time ultrasound imaging with the high spatial and contrast resolution of CT, MR or PET, and a GPS-like technology, which tracks and mark a patient’s anatomy during the ultrasound exam.

“GE’s new LOGIQ E9 helps address the biggest challenge in ultrasound radiology and vascular care – how to leverage clinical images from previous diagnostic imaging studies for interventional or diagnostic ultrasound procedures,” said Terri Bresenham, GE’s Vice President of Diagnostic Ultrasound and Information Technology.  

Called Agile Ultrasound, GE’s new architecture was designed to replace old assumptions of conventional ultrasound systems with new, modular mathematical models that provide more accurate measurements of how sound interacts with different body tissue types. 
Another key feature for the LOGIQ E9 is Scan Assistant, which allows clinicians to pre-program the actions most often performed, and then let the system do the detailed manipulations as the patient is scanned.