Exo (pronounced “echo”), a pioneering health information and medical devices company, announces that it is acquiring Medo, a Canadian developer of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, to make ultrasound imaging faster and simpler to use. By integrating Medo’s proprietary Sweep AI™ technology into its ultrasound platform, Exo will make ultrasound imaging more accessible to a wider range of caregivers.

Ultrasound imaging is complex and requires specialized education and training. This limits the number of caregivers who can use point-of-care ultrasound to significantly improve patient care. Medo’s unique ultrasound AI technology radically lowers the expertise required to diagnose common and critical conditions through automated image acquisition and interpretation, allowing non-experts to conduct high-quality exams quickly and accurately.

Medo’s two FDA-cleared AI algorithms, with more in development, combined with access to an extensive library of millions of ultrasound images and longitudinal health data bring a unique opportunity to speed point-of-care ultrasound adoption across the healthcare system — dramatically expanding early disease detection and accelerating the path to treatment. Medo also has strong partnerships with health systems worldwide, including top healthcare institutions in Asia and Canada, enabling global clinical validation and adoption.

“This acquisition is about bringing unprecedented ease of use to ultrasound imaging — allowing caregivers to easily obtain and interpret ultrasound images,” said Sandeep Akkaraju, CEO and Founder of Exo. “Medo has built a robust AI pipeline to go from acquiring medical images to FDA-cleared software. We are excited about joining forces with an innovative team that shares our vision of taking medical imaging everywhere.”

“Exo’s powerful hardware and workflow technologies and Medo’s AI will dramatically reduce the challenges that have long held back the widespread adoption of point-of-care ultrasound,” said Dornoosh Zonoobi, CEO of Medo. “The ease of imaging and immediacy of diagnostic information we provide will radically transform medical care, creating a world where caregivers can image the body as easily as snapping a photo on a smartphone.”

Exo recently launched Exo Works™, an intuitive point-of-care ultrasound workflow solution that streamlines documentation, billing, and quality assurance all from one platform, and will be commercializing a handheld ultrasound device that uses radically new technology to deliver powerful imaging at a fraction of the cost of a cart-based system.

[Source(s): Exo, Business Wire]