With up to 90% of clinical sonographers experiencing symptoms of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs), Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. has launched a new program designed to help reduce the leading causes of pain and injury for sonographers so they can scan more comfortably. The Healthy Sonographer Program aims to educate sonographers about best practices to prevent positioning themselves in awkward postures—including reaching and twisting—which can result in injuries to the shoulders, neck and wrists and can be a detriment to patient engagement.

Canon Medical consulted with Sound Ergonomics to cultivate the new program, which includes:

  • Free education events: To instruct sonographers about the ideal positioning to help prevent long-term injuries, improve patient engagement, and reduce costs to the provider that can arise when a sonographer is injured; CME credits can also be received upon completion
  • HealthySonographer.com: A resource website where sonographers can learn best practices from the experts by watching videos, reading published articles on the topicm and learn stretches and exercises ideal for reducing sonographer injury.

“Canon Medical understands that the vast majority of sonographers suffer from work related musculoskeletal disorders, and the associated costs to our partners are enormous. We developed the Healthy Sonographer Program with the needs of sonographers, patients, and hospitals in mind,” says Dan Skyba, director, Ultrasound Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.

“We are proud to provide a program that guides not only sonographers, but all practitioners who scan, to position themselves more comfortably so they can potentially avoid pain and injury while also enhancing patient care,” he adds.