September 17, 2007—Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office will have to refile its civil suit against more than 20 MRI centers for dubious leasing arrangements after a state judge asked for more specific allegations against each defendant, reports The Chicago Tribune.

"We are delighted with the ruling," attorney Steven A. Miller told the Tribune. Miller works with Reed Smith in Chicago, which is representing Virginia-based MIDI LLC, which operates locally under the Open Advanced or Open MRI brand radiology centers. "We thought that the attorney general’s lawsuit was deeply flawed in its reliance on sweeping generalizations with virtually no concrete detail."

Attorneys in Madigan’s office say the judge’s ruling represents a "technicality."

"He wants us to separate out each of the allegations against each individual defendant and provide more specific detail about the false claims that were submitted," said a spokeswoman for Madigan. "We are looking forward to providing that additional detail. It is not a ruling on the merits."