The Goldstein SonoBiopsy Catheter from Cook Medical, Spencer, Ind, combines saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS) and biopsy functionality in a single device, providing physicians with the increased visibility offered by a sonohysterography during a diagnostic image ultrasound and the ability to biopsy endometrial tissue during the same procedure.

Abnormal uterine bleeding affects 10 million women in the United States annually, accounting for one third of all visits to the gynecologist. The most severe cases can be a sign of endometrial cancer or leukemia. If not treated quickly and effectively, it can also result in anemia.

The Goldstein SonoBiopsy Catheter allows physicians to fill the uterus with saline solution, enabling better echo-resonance of the uterine cavity during an ultrasound. The catheter’s unique acorn-shaped stopper keeps the fluid inside the uterus and prevents it from draining.

If a physician determines that an endometrial biopsy is required, the Goldstein SonoBiopsy Catheter allows the physician to simply apply suction to the catheter to aspirate a tissue sample for evaluation. Both imaging and biopsy are accomplished within a single procedure.

The Spec Sheet

  1. Length: 26 cm
  2. French size: 7.2
  3. Large inner lumen maximizes fluid instillation and tissue evacuation
  4. Acorn-shaped stopper holds saline inside uterus
  5. Suction aspirates tissue sample for evaluation

The Visible Difference

By filling the uterus with saline and holding it in place, the catheter enables better visualization of the uterine cavity during an ultrasound. Because the catheter can also aspirate tissue for biopsy, it eliminates the need to introduce additional instruments into the patient’s body and reduces the incidence for multiple procedures.