Innovatus Imaging, based in Pittsburgh, Pa., has completed the acquisition of the European Bayer Multi Vendor Service (MVS) business, which is now Innovatus Imaging Europe B.V.

“The acquisition of the European Bayer MVS business and its team’s extensive expertise is the next step in our long-term strategic goal of continued growth,” says Dennis Wulf, chief executive officer of Innovatus Imaging.

Formed in September 2017, Innovatus Imaging is the result of three former companies—Bayer MVS, Wetsco, Inc., and MD MedTech—joining forces to draw on their combined expertise. The company maintains headquarters in Pittsburgh and operations in Tulsa, Denver and the Netherlands.

Innovatus Imaging’s certified expertise spans the entire life cycle of a medical imaging product, from design, development, and manufacturing to sales, distribution, and repair. The company is ISO-13485 certified to repair ultrasound transducers, MRI coils, CR systems and dry film printers, and digital radiography solutions. Innovatus also has an FDA-registered site for the design and manufacturing of specialty ultrasound transducers.

The company’s culture of continuous improvement includes investment in research and development to constantly enhance the organization’s device repair capabilities.