Furniture Catalog from ALCO Sales & Service
ALCO Sales & Service (Burr Ridge, Ill) has teamed with WINCO (Ocala, Fla) to offer a 32-page medical furniture catalog, MF2. Products include chairs (reclining, geriatric, and blood drawing), tables (examination and treatment), and screens (privacy and folding). Each furniture listing includes specifications, prices, and benefits. ? 800-323-4282

 Electric Lift Table from Anthro
Anthro Corp (Tualatin, Ore) has introduced the Elevate electric lift table that, with the touch of a keypad, raises and lowers to provide ergonomic height for multiple users. The Elevate comes in two different styles: a single surface, where the desktop moves up and down; and a dual surface, where the back and front surfaces move up and down independently. Each style comes in either 48- or 60-inch widths. An optional Power Bar adds a 12-outlet power source that fits under the top surface of the table. ? 800-325-3841

 Eye-Tracking System from Applied Science Laboratories
Applied Science Laboratories (ASL of Bedford, Mass) has released the Mobile Eye, a tether-free wearable eye-tracking system designed for use when total freedom of movement is required and video with cursor overlay is the desired output. The system’s eye-tracking optics are lightweight, and the recording device is small enough to be worn on a belt. Both the eye and scene images are interleaved and saved on a DVCR tape. Duration is 75 minutes on battery operation and 130 minutes at full charge. The tape is then transferred to an included PC that separates the images, performs the analysis, and creates a scene video with cursor overlay. ? 781-275-4000

 QA Testing Instrument from Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health Inc (Cleveland) has unveiled the Triad TnT, a multimodality calibration and quality assurance (QA) testing instrument. The device equips the X-ray field service engineer or physicist with the ability to quickly perform an array of accurate, highly sensitive measurements. Triad TnT allows the user to chose battery or line current operation without interruption from weak or failed batteries. Scroll functionality on the control panel saves time for initial settings and recovery; pulse count allows accurate measurement of single-phase units with pulse timers. ? 440-248-9300

 Radiology Reporting Solution from Communication Synergy Technologies
Communication Synergy Technologies Inc (ComSynTech of Rochester, NY) offers the InFORM diagnostic reporting and practice management solution, which was developed to reduce costs associated with radiology report preparation and their distribution to referring physicians. Functions include clinical diagnostic reporting for report dictation, transcription, and review; digital clinical report archiving; breast imaging diagnostic reporting, complete with HCFA-compliant statistical analysis and physician performance; and FilmTRAC to manage patient file and film integrity. ? 585-241-9150

 MRI Door Technology from ETS-Lindgren
ETS-Lindgren (Glendale Heights, Ill) has released the Auto-Seal II, a shielded door for MRI applications. The door offers a pneumatically operated, bladderless, gasketless design, and comes in three configurations: RF shielded, acoustic, and fire rated. All three configurations eliminate frictional forces for easy open/close operation. Safety features include an ADA-compliant latch-and-lock mechanism, fail-safe logic, and controllers in the event of a power or air-pressure loss. ? 630-307-7200

 Portable Hard Drive/Teleradiology Device from Images-on-Call
Images-on-Call (IOC of Dallas) offers the IOC-QuickView Key, which enables radiologists to quickly view images remotely. The QuickView Key plugs directly into the USB port of any Windows 2000/XP PC with an Internet connection and downloads the necessary images. The hard drive has a 256MB storage capacity. ? 214-902-8337

 Industrial Color Camera from JAI PULNiX
JAI PULNiX Inc (Sunnyvale, Calif) has launched the CV-M91 3-CCD, an industrial color camera that uses the latest generation of interlaced 1/3-inch CCD sensors to provide higher sensitivity and lower smear. The lens attachment is a standard C-mount thread for easy lens selection. And the camera features Y/C output to complement the RGB and composite video outputs. The CV-M91 outputs pure pixel information, and the prism assembly features co-site sampling, where all three CCDs are aligned to one another without spatial offset. ? 800-445-5444

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