Invivo, a subsidiary of Royal Philips, has expanded its breast and prostate imaging portfolio by acquiring the Sentinelle line of MRI coils, formerly with Hologic.

The use of MR imaging technology for breast and prostate has been on the rise, while technical improvements have enabled radiologists to better detect and characterize breast and prostate lesions. Invivo has introduced RF coils for MR imaging and offers a comprehensive line of MR imaging solutions.

“The acquisition of the Sentinelle product line of advanced breast and prostate MRI coils will enable us to offer our existing customers an even broader product portfolio,” said Brent Berthy, general manager of Invivo. “This is also an excellent opportunity for us to reach new customers and markets. Looking ahead, the Sentinelle technology offers promising opportunities for future innovations to help clinicians manage breast and prostate cancer.”

Invivo currently offers an array of breast imaging coils, breast immobilization/biopsy systems, DynaCAD for image analysis and interventional planning, and a full line of MRI-compatible interventional instruments. In men’s health, the company maintains a presence in radiology and urology with DynaCAD for Prostate, DynaTRIM and the UroNav Fusion Biopsy system.

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