Multimodality Display System

Barco, Duluth, Ga, introduces the Nio Color 2MP display system for 3D PACS, ultrasound, orthopedic imaging, cardiology, ophthalmology, nuclear medicine, and PET. The system includes a 2MP, 20.1-inch color LCD, and is optimized to display both color and grayscale data sets. It is compatible with 2D and 3D applications. Features include a BarcoMed 2MP2CFe display controller, PCI Express display controller for image downloading through OpenGL and MicroSoft DirectX 9.0, and Backlight Output Stabilization. (678) 475-8000;

Color LCD Monitors

Double Black Imaging, Westminster, Colo, introduces 2MP and 3MP color LCDs with retractable front sensors for auto-calibration as part of its M-Series line of monitors. Features include an electronic front sensor that comes out from the bezel then retracts when DICOM grayscale calibration is complete, integrated backlight sensors, and LumiCal Calibration Software, allowing each display to be remotely calibrated and monitored from a central workstation.(303) 404-2222;

Web-based PACS and Teleradiology

RamSoft Inc, Toronto, introduces PowerServer 4.0, a Web-based PACS and teleradiology system that allows images to be routed to personal computers or to workgroup caching servers that share images between multiple PCs. Its user-friendly design offers a minimally cluttered screen and one-button access to clinical tools, and an interactive training tool teaches users how to set up a hanging protocol, worklist, and report dictation. (888) 343-9146;

Total Glassware Coverage

Dunlee, Aurora, Ill, offers Glassware Solutions for total glassware coverage. This flexible program allows facilities to eliminate unexpected glassware expenses by providing complete coverage for CT and x-ray tubes, including OEM proprietary types. Programs are designed to meet a facility’s budget and level monthly expenses with one monthly fee. (800) 896-3661;

CAD Software for Colonography

Medicsight, Nashville, Tenn, offers ColonCAD API, a computer-aided detection software technology available for CT colonography to assist radiologists in identifying potential colorectal polyps. The software uses an advanced CAD algorithm to review CT scan data and automatically highlights specific regions of interest. Features include concurrent-read capability and user-adjustable CAD filter settings. (615) 665-9007;

Film Digitizing Software

VIDAR Systems Corp, Herndon, Va, introduces the Clinical Express 3.0 software for mammography, allowing prior film-based studies to be digitized then reviewed alongside new studies on digital mammography workstations. This software is used with the VIDAR® CAD PRO™ Advantage Film Digitizer. Clinical Express 3.0 can help improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need to compare digital images on a workstation with film-based studies on a light box. (800) 471-SCAN;