CT Injection System

MEDRAD Inc, Indianola, Pa, offers the Stellant® CT Injection System for CT diagnostic images of the coronary arteries with fewer artifacts. The Stellant D with DualFlow™ Simultaneous Injection option allows both contrast and saline injection at the same time through variable ratios of the plunger’s motion. With the proper ratio and timing, the left and right heart ventricles can be illuminated at the same time. Stellant features a pressure monitor graph, improved syringe design, syringe auto load, and the ability to upgrade from single to dual injection. (412) 767-2400; www.medrad.com

Web PACS Upgrade

Dynamic Imaging, Orlando, Fla, offers Version 3.5 of its Web-based IntegradWeb PACS system. IntegradWeb allows users to view and manipulate studies with thousands of images on a standard PC. Upgrades to the system include an improved patient folder, enterprise CD burning, enhanced tech workflow, customer-selectable compression ratios, hanging protocols, and e-mail distribution of reports and key images. (888) 303-PACS; www.dynamic-imaging.com .

Decision-Support System

Amirsys, Salt Lake City, offers STATdx. The digital, point-of-care decision support system helps users make quick and accurate diagnoses in difficult cases. The system streamlines workflow by reducing research time with its comprehensive image-intensive database, allowing for a quicker and complete diagnosis. STATdx features on-demand reference tools wherever users read: quick subspecialty consultations, auto-generated report addendums, independence of operating system and hardware, and anatomy, pathology, and keyword search.(801) 485-6500; www.amirsys.com .

Archive Appliance

Plasmon, Colorado Springs, Colo, introduces the Plasmon Ultra Density Optical (UDO) Archive Appliance. The network attached data archiving system is preconfigured to meet the growing PACS and HIS needs of medical organizations. With a RAID-based front end, the UDO Archive Appliance allows for quick access to storing and retrieving data. It is offered in 1- to 19-TB configurations and requires no installation. Features include prestaging of data from optical back to the disk cache, multiple and removable copies of data, and immediate archiving of new data to UDO storage. The network interface provides support for Windows and Unix. (800) 451-6845; www.plasmon.com; and www.udo.com .

Handheld Ultrasound System

SonoSite® Inc, Bothell, Wash, offers the SonoSite MicroMaxx™ system. This hand-carried ultrasound system is similar in size and appearance to a laptop computer and weighs under eight pounds. Using Chip Fusion™ Technology, MicroMaxx can integrate digital signal processing and multiple ultrasound functions in a custom ASIC microchip. The software is hard-wired into the system, and also features SonoCalc™ IMT proprietary edge-detection software. MicroMaxx comes with a 5-year warranty. (877) 657-8050; www.sonosite.com .

DR Viewer

Canon Medical Systems, Irvine, Calif, offers the Canon DR Image Viewer. The system is Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and XP Professional compatible, which allows users to streamline their workflow. Users have the option of establishing a data manager with a viewer or setting up multiple viewing stations to access the database. It also features an optional stitching application, pixel-to-pixel display for life-size images, multi-study viewing, a customized information work list, and the ability to send images to any manufacturer’s PACS. (800) 970-7227; www.usa.canon.com/DR .