DICOM Reporting

Voxar Inc, Boston, offers the Voxar Colonscreen® version 2.3, which provides closer integration with PACS with the ability to visualize reports in DICOM. The CT colonography software, which is optimized for radiologists to visualize supine and prone CT DICOM datasets simultaneously in 2D and 3D modes, automatically generates Windows- and PACS-compatible reports while physicians diagnose patients. Voxar Colonscreen version 2.3 features new automated tasks for completed reports, improved pathology coding, enhanced image quality, and faster loading of image data. (877) 869-2733; www.voxar.com .

Needle Guidance System

CIVCO Medical Instruments, Kalona, Iowa, offers the Infiniti™ needle guidance system for use with the L17-5 transducers on the iU22 ultrasound system by Philips, Andover, Mass. Utilizing a two-part system, the needle guide attaches to the locating features of the transducer to form a cohesive tool for performing needle-guided ultrasound procedures. The Infiniti system offers a multi-angled capacity for shallow ultrasound-guided biopsy and instrument placement procedures. The guide provides a safe and efficient means for ultrasound-guided applications when positioned in the scan plane. The Infiniti system accepts 14 and 18 gauge instruments. (800) 445-6741; www.civco.com .

RIS/PACS Diagnostic Software

Merge eFilm, Milwaukee, has released Fusion eFilm™ 2.0 and eFilm Workstation™ 2.0. Fusion eFilm is a diagnostic software product designed specifically for Merge eFilm’s Fusion PACS and RIS/PACS software systems. eFilm Workstation 2.0 is a desktop diagnostic imaging software system. Both applications are designed to accelerate productivity and clinical effectiveness, and enhance business and clinical workflow within diagnostic imaging. (877) 446-3743; www.merge-efilm.com .

Ergonomic Workstation

Sound Ergonomics LLC, Kenmore, Wash, offers the Reading Center Ergonomic Workstation System that helps to reduce risk factors for repetitive strain injury. Adjustments, which are accessible from the seated position, include workstation height and tilt, and environmental controls for airflow, temperature, and lighting. (206) 417-8151; www.soundergonomics.com .

Ultrasound PACS

The imorgan™ platform, by Sea Ridge Software Inc, Menlo Park, Calif, is an economical, ultrasound mini-PACS platform. The imorgan platform is based on software that adheres to IT standards and runs on standard computer hardware. It utilizes the digital capabilities of the ultrasound system to quickly transfer studies to imorgan via network or removable media. Patient studies are organized using an open, industry standard database system, and studies are easily archived to recordable DVD or CD disks. (650) 328-1037; www.searidgesoftware.com .

Reporting Tool

StructuRad LLC, Encino, Calif, offers the StructuRad® reporting tool, which streamlines reporting workflow. The web-based application tool allows radiologists to quickly create improved, final reports. It automatically encodes examinations with CPT and ICD-9 codes at the time the report is generated, helping to eliminate billing errors and increase billing efficiency. StructuRad enables immediate electronic distribution of final reports. StructuRad also integrates and delivers reports via HL7 or custom interfaces directly to your existing RIS, HIS, or IT infrastructures. (818) 665-4330; www.structurad.com .