Integrated RIS/PACS
MTS-Delft, Aurora, Ohio, offers the MEDLEY system, an integrated RIS/PACS. MEDLEY amalgamates every activity from the first patient encounter through billing and blends them into a cohesive, HIPAA-secure workflow solution. In addition, through industry-standard specifications, this functionality can be integrated with electronic medical records and other initiatives driving the digitization of the patient record and care. MEDLEY can be custom designed and configured by MTS-Delft. (800) 290-2565; .

Temperature Control Device
A new line of DURACHILL” industrial chillers with ambient temperature tracking capability is now available from PolyScience, Niles, Ill. Capable of controlling temperature based on either room or machine temperature, these chillers provide cooling for MRI, lithographic equipment, and other imaging equipment. DURACHILL chillers are available with cooling capacities from 17,732 to 273,600 BTU/h. The standard DURACHILL chiller features include air or water cooling, 11¼2 to 25 HP compressor, one-touch temperature control with LED readout, digital pressure/flow rate readout, flow meter, stainless steel pump, and remote on/off capability. These chillers also feature integral temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms to alert staff instantly to potentially harmful process conditions. (800) 229-7569; .

Image Transport and Viewing Solution
Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc (FCPA), San Jose, Calif, offers a USB-powered magneto-optical (MO) drive bundled with DICOM image viewing softwarethe DynaMO® Pocket with DICOM Viewer. The DynaMO allows for the transport of DICOM images and data on 3.5-inch magneto-optical disks (MOD) from medical imaging equipment to notebook PCs and workstations. The DynaMO includes a fully functional PC-based DICOM image viewing software to review DICOM images offline at one’s desk or away from the office. The DynaMO Pocket drive is fully read/write compatible with earlier 540MB, 230MB, and 128MB 3.5-MODs. (800) 626-4686; .

Linear Accelerator
Siemens Medical Solutions, Malvern, Pa, offers the ONCOR” Avant-Garde Linear Accelerator, designed to deliver advanced, high-quality radiation therapy in a streamlined workflow environment. ONCOR integrates many technologies that are designed to result in improved radiation therapy treatment delivery for patients. One such technology is the OPTIFOCUS” MLC, a new, full-field, high-resolution multileaf collimator that is based on a double-focused, fully divergent, low-leakage design. ONCOR’s high-resolution portal images, acquired via the OPTIVUE” amorphous silicon flat panel imaging system, provide patient positioning information and documentation. (800) 318-5602; .

Oncology Information System
IMPAC Medical Systems Inc, Mountain View, Calif, announces the release of Multi-ACCESS” Version 7 of its oncology information system. The new system includes an image-enabled oncology electronic medical record, DICOM-RT treatment device connectivity, expanded radiation oncology charting, comprehensive medical oncology charting, total document management, support for clinical trials, improved electronic chart mobility, and an integrated practice management system. (888) GO-IMPAC; .

Gateway for CT Procedures
DeJarnette Research Systems Inc, Towson, Md, introduces dyseCT”, the company’s solution to the problem of information overload produced by high-speed, multi-slice CT scanners. The dyseCT identifies multiple procedure studies and modifies the DICOM modality worklist using a group procedure to replace the multiple procedures; analyzes the images, associating them with a specific anatomical region automatically and without manual intervention; separates the images in a multiple procedure study and associates those images with the appropriate orders; and acts as a DICOM linear VOI LUT gateway for all CT procedures. (410) 583-0680; .