Some of us build our houses. Some of us settle in existing neighborhoods. Some custom-order their new cars. Others buy preowned. Some of us wear haute couture. Some of us scour vintage clothing shops. Some hospitals acquire brand-spanking-new imaging equipment. Others purchase refurbished. Who buys what and why is often a question of taste, an issue of need, a matter of money. And those considerations hold sway whether the items are houses, cars, suits or X-ray or CT systems.

photoLeft: A GE AMX portable,
refurbished by Huestis Medical

“First of all, my thought process was I wanted to get in without a lot of up-front capital,” says Randell Jones, the new director of medical imaging at Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center (Hazard, Ky.), who talked about leasing refurbished equipment from MedAssets Exchange Inc. (Wood Dale, Ill.), when he was vice president of outpatient services for Memorial Medical Center (Jacksonville, Fla.).

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