An upgrade can go a long way in improving patient care. That’s why Bellin Health recently upgraded it Toshiba Aquilion ONE with AIDR 3D and its Aquilion 32 with the VeloCT console, which enables 64-detector row acquisition, 128 double slice reconstruction, advanced dose reduction and improved workflow.

image 2013-1_Toshiba_Aquilion_ONE_CT

The improved modalities mean improved care for Bellin patients. For example, at Bellin Health’s critical access facility in Oconto, Wis., the medical team is using the upgraded Aquilion CT now with 128-slice capabilities and  AIDR 3D to perform a wide range of diagnostic CT exams including double rule out chest exams that image both the aorta and pulmonary arteries simultaneously. In the emergency department at Bellin Health Hospital, the Aquilion ONE with AIDR 3D enables triple rule out exams, brain perfusion and general cardiac studies with lower dose. 

“As a high-volume facility, lowering dose while maintaining image quality is critical to advancing diagnostic capabilities and making exams safer for our patients,” said Mark Bake, CT team facilitator, Bellin Health. “With consistently better image quality and lower dose, these upgrades to our Toshiba CT systems have improved diagnostic confidence, resulting in increased workflow and enabling our facility to conduct new, more advanced imaging studies.”