Siemens Healthcare has received FDA approval for the Somatom Scope, a 16-slice CT scanner priced to enable private radiology practices, community hospitals, and critical access hospitals to make routine diagnostic imaging accessible to more patients and in more specialty settings. The system is available in the Scope and Scope Power configurations, and is engineered to meet NEMA’s XR-29 Smart Dose standard.

“By adding the Scope to our portfolio of Somatom CT scanners, we help bring CT imaging closer to the point of care, enabling our customers to focus on what matters the most: improving care through more informed, timely clinical decision-making,” said Murat Gungor, vice president, computed tomography and radiation oncology business management at Siemens Healthcare. “The Somatom Scope helps to ensure that a greater segment of the patient population has access to innovative technologies while enabling facilities to help control costs as well as save time and effort throughout their daily routine.”

The Somatom Scope is designed for oncological examinations, interventional radiology, and vascular imaging in addition to routine imaging. The Somatom Scope Power, featuring a stronger x-ray tube, high-performance generator, and faster rotation speed, is suitable for higher volume clinical settings.

Both systems include Siemens’ Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space (IRIS) technology to reduce noise and artifacts during image reconstruction, as well as Siemens Fully Assisting Scanner Technology (FAST) and Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) applications to help reduce radiation exposure and standardize the CT imaging process. A footprint of 130.2 square feet permits flexible installation, and an eSleep mode reduces energy costs by shutting down the gantry during periods of inactivity.

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