Emerson Hospital, Concord, Mass, installed the Aquilion PRIME 160 CT system featuring AIDR 3D dose reduction software from Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. Emerson Hospital uses the Aquilion PRIME for general exams, including CT angiography, orthopedic, and cardiac imaging, with significantly less radiation dose.

“In some cases, patients are exposed to half the radiation dose with Toshiba’s Aquilion PRIME when compared to our previous CT system,” said Pat Sousa, director of radiology, Emerson Hospital. “Additionally, the system will help us expand our bariatric program and eliminate the need to refer some bariatric patients to other local facilities, due to the 78-cm aperture gantry and a 660-pound patient weight capacity couch.”

The Aquilion PRIME is an 80-detector row CT system that can generate 160 unique slices per rotation and features a 7.5-MHU large-capacity tube and 0.35-second scanning. The system also features AIDR 3D, Toshiba¹s simplified iterative dose reconstruction software.

“The system’s 3D visualization software helps diagnose narrowed arteries in the neck, aneurysms, and pulmonary embolisms, as well as arterial blockages in the aorta and legs,” said Mark Connaughton, MD, radiologist at Emerson Hospital. “The higher-horsepower 3D software also enables clinicians to precisely locate bone fragments in complicated fractures.”