Research is the lifeblood of radiological science. But knowledge comes at a price with no guarantee of a reward. To facilitate ongoing research by emerging leaders in radiology, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Research & Education Foundation has awarded the 2010 Siemens Healthcare/RSNA grants to Hersh Chandarana, M.D., of the New York University School of Medicine and James Costello, M.D., Ph.D., of Emory University.

Chandara’s $150,000 grant will fund his two-year research study of liver metastases, the leading cause of death for patients with colon cancer. His study will use contrast-enhanced dual energy CT to assess and predict response for patients undergoing chemotherapy. The grant is particularly designed to help develop young faculty member’s investigative skills and prepare them for NIH funding.

Costello’s $50,000 grant is for a one-year study to examine the increased demand for lung transplant due to chronic lung disease. His project will aim to reduce the need for multiple, expensive, time-consuming and invasive tests that require hospital admission by developing a rapid outpatient MRI examination for pre- and post-lung transplant patients. The grant is designed to give investigators time to apply research techniques in a scientific investigation while preparing for a research career.


(Source: Press Release)