October 9, 2006—A recent study published by the IMV Medical Information Division (Des Plaines, Ill), entitled “Present Practices and Future Directions in Cardiac Imaging: The Cardiologist’s Perspective,” claims that the top three modalities currently used by cardiologists will change over the next three years.

Currently the top three modalities in use are echocardiography, SPECT, and cardiac cath; the IMV report, which is based on research with over 200 US cardiologists in July 2006, says that CT angiography and MR angiography will be used more routinely. The report also observes that 72% of US cardiologists currently order CTA procedures “on a monthly basis,” and says cardiologists anticipated using CTA for seven of the eleven major cardiac conditions covered by the study.

“In addition to deciding which imaging modalities are most effective for particular cardiac conditions, physicians will choose whether to refer patients out or to acquire these new imaging technologies for their practices,” noted Mary C. Patton, Director, Market Research, IMV.

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—Cat Vasko