St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center has upgraded its Toshiba Aquilion 64 computed tomography (CT) system, the company has announced. By adding Toshiba’s VeloCT console with AIDR 3D dose reduction technology and 128-double slice reconstruction, the facility has reduced dose for brain, chest, and abdominal imaging by 30, 60, and 59% respectively, the company has reported. The system is used in the emergency department to provide a range of diagnostic CT exams, including cardiac scans and CT pulmonary angiograms.

“As the main CT used for pediatric, cardiac, and ER patients at our Boise campus, the system is able to maintain lower radiation dose for patients who are the most sensitive and those who receive numerous exams,” said Einav Shochat, MD, St Luke’s Health System. “After upgrading our Aquilion 64 with VeloCT, the image quality has improved and dose has been reduced significantly.”

For more information, visit Toshiba America Medical Systems.