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Imaging Spectrometers from Princeton Instruments and Acton Research

Designed specifically for microspectroscopy is the MicroSpec series of imaging spectrometers from Princeton Instruments and Acton Research (Acton, Mass). The spectrometers offer a variety of interchangeable wavelength-dispersion modules (standard and custom) and an entrance aperture, which can be computer-controlled to allow automated selection of spectral range and resolution over the user’s CCD. The MicroSpec series offers a choice of 150-mm and 300-mm focal lengths as well as a range of accessories.

Web: ? www.piacton.com
Phone: (978) 263-3584

Integrated Circuits for Ultrasound Systems from ADI

Analog Devices Inc (ADI of Norwood, Mass) has released the AD8333, an integrated circuit that simplifies the development of continuous-wave (CW) Doppler imaging in stationary and portable ultrasound systems. This dual-channel I/Q demodulator and phase-shifter for CW Doppler ultrasound (which is used in 30% of today’s cardiac ultrasound equipment) uses less than 25% of the board space per channel and delivers a per-channel bill of materials savings of up to 75%. ADI offers a suite of products that complement the AD8333.

Web: ? www.analog.com
Phone: (800) ANALOGD

Specialty Administration Sets for Infusion Systems from Baxa

Baxa Corp (Englewood, Colo) has added four specialty administration sets to its MicroFuse Syringe Infusion System line. The sets feature a T-site injection port close to the set outlet. This easy-access port facilitates the addition of a secondary medication during cardiac-monitoring procedures. The sets also offer needleless ports and are available in several lengths. Shown here (clockwise from top left) are the 609, featuring a T-site injection port with a 30-inch length; the 610, a SmartSite needleless T-site with a 30-inch length; the 612, a SmartSite needleless T-site with a 5-inch length; and the 611, a T-site with a 5-inch length.

Web: ? www.baxa.com
Phone: (888) 567-2292

In Vivo Animal Imager from Bioscan

The NanoSPECT/CT small-animal imager from Bioscan Inc (Washington) is based on multiplexed, multipinhole SPECT technology, making it 10 times sharper and brighter than any system of its kind. This technology enables more precise studies of disease in rats and mice. The NanoSPECT/CT offers submillimeter resolution, high sensitivity, and helical scanning for both SPECT and optional X-ray CT acquisitions. Helical scanning eliminates axial artifacts that hamper high-quality image acquisitions in conventional SPECT imagers, and it allows researchers to program the system for both focused region-of-interest imaging as well as whole-body SPECT acquisitions.

Web: ? www.bioscan.com
Phone: (202) 338-0974

All-In-One Touchmonitors from ELO TouchSystems

New from ELO TouchSystems Inc (Menlo Park, Calif) is the 1529L, a 15-inch LCD multifunction touchmonitor. Features include an integrated three-track magnetic stripe reader, a biometric fingerprint- recognition device, and a touchable 12.1-inch rear-facing customer display. Connectivity for the 1529L includes two serial, four USB, and Ethernet ports. Operating systems include Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE .NET, or Windows 2000. The monitor can function as a desktop or wall-mounted unit.

Web: ? www.elotouch.com
Phone: (800) ELO-TOUCH

Aromatic Ultrasound Transmission Gel from Essoula

Essoula Inc (Seattle) has launched Comfort Gel, a nondermal sensitizing and hypoallergenic ultrasound transmission gel that is enhanced with essential aromatherapy oils. This addition is designed to help patients relax during ultrasound exams. In testing at Tox Monitor Laboratories (Oak Park, Ill), 99% of the more than 800 patients surveyed said they would choose Comfort over the regular gel, as it helped them to relax. The gel is available in 250-mL bottles; quantity discounts are available.

Web: ? www.essoula.com
Phone: (800) 906-8320

Quality Management Textbook from Fluke Biomedical

New from Fluke Biomedical, Radiation Management Services (Cleveland), is the second edition of Quality Management in the Imaging Sciences, a comprehensive textbook on quality assurance and quality management by Jeffrey Papp, PhD, RT(QM). New additions to the book include revisions to the chapter on mammography that correspond with new standards outlined in the Mammography Quality Standards Act as well as a CD-ROM that provides two 140-question mock exams and full-size sample documentation forms.

Web: ? www.flukebiomedical.com/rms
Phone: (440) 248-9300

MR Patient Monitor from Medrad

The Veris MR Monitor, new from Medrad Inc (Indianola, Pa), is specifically designed for adult, pediatric, and neonate patients for MRI environments of up to 3T. The first monitor with five-lead ECG waveform monitoring, Veris offers large color screens and provides a simultaneous display of up to six waveforms for efficient comparison. The system’s integral tray is designed for cable management and accessory storage while providing additional work space. Power is supplied by an AC direct wall connection or by the extended-life battery. Veris is available in six configurations to meet needs for anesthesia, sedation, cardiac MR, research, and basic patient monitoring.

Web: ? www.medrad.com
Phone: (800) MEDRAD1

Hemodynamic Monitoring and Documentation System from Mennen Medical

Mennen Medical Corp (Trevose, Pa) recently debuted the Horizon Angio, a patient hemodynamic monitoring and documentation system for the cardiology and interventional radiology markets. The system’s measurement and documentation capabilities include a full set of peripheral diagrams with visual stenosis depiction, such as head, neck, leg (right and left), arm (right and left), carotid, trunk, and renal. Extra tools on the Horizon Angio include statistical reporting, custom physician reports, ADT interfacing, and both HL7 and XML data exports.

Web: ? www.mennenmedical.com
Phone: (800) 223-2201

Stand-Alone Imaging Platform from Oakworks

Now more radiolucent, the Spinal Imaging Platform from Oakworks Inc (Shrewsbury, Pa) features a frame design that is fashioned from carbon fiber, making it stronger and more suited for spinal applications. The platform also provides greater patient comfort, allowing patients to remain in a prone position longer. Features include a double-articulating face rest to give physicians better patient access with an adjustable camlock design; a Velcro system to allow easy adjustments; and lateral bolsters to provide extra width and support when needed. The platform weighs about 13 lbs.

Web: ? www.oakworksmed.com
Phone: (800) 558-8850

High-Performance Scintillation Crystals from Saint-Gobain Crystals

The BrilLanCe series of scintillation crystals from Saint-Gobain Crystals (Newbury, Ohio) are designed to be used in small scintillation-detector applications, including PET. The BrilLanCe 350 crystals provide improved energy resolution over sodium iodide crystals, enabling detectors to better distinguish radiation energies. The BrilLanCe 380 crystals (shown here) are denser than the 350 line and can detect radiation with a minimum thickness of material.

Web: ? www.crystals.saint-gobain.com
Phone: (440) 564-2251

Hand-Carried Ultrasound System from SonoSite

Weighing in at less than 8 lbs is the MicroMaxx, a hand-carried ultrasound system from SonoSite Inc (Bothell, Wash). The size of a laptop computer, the MicroMaxx features Chip Fusion technology, which integrates digital signal processing and multiple ultrasound functions into a custom ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chip to reduce space, weight, and power requirements. The system can operate on battery power for up to 4 hours and features new transducers, including the HFL 38/13-6 for breast, small parts, vascular, IMT, and nerve imaging; the P17/5-1 for abdominal, cardiac, and obstetrical scanning; the C60e/5-2 for abdominal, obstetrical, and gynecological scanning; and the TEE/8-3 for transesophageal echocardiography scanning. The MicroMaxx comes with a standard 5-year warranty.

Web: ? www.sonosite.com
Phone: (888) 482-9449