New Products for the Imaging Industry

High-Def Volume Rendering Tools from Intelerad

Intelerad? Medical Systems, Westminster, Colo, is now incorporating High-Definition Volume Rendering? (HDVR?) for its IntelePACS? and InteleOne? software solutions. The technology was developed with Palo Alto, Calif-based Fovia Inc. HDVR features fast, interactive CPU-based realtime rendering of extremely large data sets in 3D. HDVR also enables instant segmentation, modification of the transfer function on-the-fly, auto-navigation for fly-through, subvoxel precision for 3D measurement, as well as interactive stereoscopic rendering. Though integrated with IntelePACS, the HDVR platform is hardware-agnostic. Instead, it uses proprietary algorithms to achieve HDVR at interactive speed on any hardware platform. The new HDVR feature will be available on IntelePACS and InteleOne PACS systems.  (888) 246-9774

MammoDiagnost VU Workstation from Philips

Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass, has introduced MammoDiagnost VU, a new mammography workstation that features automatic breast tissue alignment for images derived from computed radiography and digital radiography from any vendor. MammoDiagnost VU manages and integrates data from multiple modalities into a single application and can automatically align ?left? and ?right? breast tissue images. The system accommodates up to three users at a time and allows independent double-blind reading to further support patient management decisions. Other features include an overview of relevant patient history through a graphical patient history timeline and the display of CR and DR on the same screen. The system also enables automatic background suppression and inversion of images on a single workstation. MammoDiagnost VU either can be a stand-alone workstation, compatible with Philips imaging and PACS systems, or can function as a front-end workstation by integrating images from any vendor?s modality or PACS system.  (800) 229-6417

Pixium Surgical 2630 Detector from Thales

European medical imaging manufacturer, Thales, Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex, France, is unveiling a new digital detector, the Pixium Surgical 2630, a flat panel detector designed for mobile surgical C-arms. The Pixium Surgical 2630 offers several operating modes, allowing it to cover virtually all diagnostic or interventional procedures, from cardiovascular and orthopedic surgery to neuroradiological interventions. By integrating the Pixium Surgical 2630 into mobile surgical units, C-arms are able to become digital and operational as soon as the detector is turned on. Images are generated in real time, and can be transposed in 3D for advanced applications. The Pixium Surgical 2630 also comes with software that handles calibration and image formatting to simplify system integration.  + 33 (0) 1 57 77 80 00

Centricity Advance Web-based EMR from GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, has introduced Centricity Advance, a Software as a Service (SaaS) Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution for small physician practices. Centricity Advance offers a combination of EMR practice management and patient portal solutions, including economical upfront investment of time and resources, intuitive training, minimal maintenance and support, and standard protocols for advanced connectivity with outside systems. The system allows physician practices to complete implementation and training in under 4 weeks with simple tutorials and flexible features that can be activated or deactivated with a click of a button. Centricity Advance also has a Patient Self-Service Portal that provides patients with access to medical records utilizing their own secure password. With this feature, patients can log in from anywhere to schedule their own appointments, request prescription refills, or access billing statements, lab results, and private messages from their clinicians.  (800) 558-5120

FDA Clearance for FDR D-EVO? from Fujifilm

The FDR D-EVO? flat panel cassette from FUJIFILM Medical Systems, Stamford, Conn, has received FDA 510(k) approval. The FDR D-EVO enables existing analog x-ray platforms to transition to a DR system. The FDR D-EVO?s detector fits directly into the existing x-ray table or wall stand without modification. Weighing 6 pounds, the 14? x 17? cassette-sized detector is lightweight and provides portability to address lateral or other cassette-based exams as needed. It can also be used as a complement in existing DR rooms such as for cross-table exams. FDR D-EVO features patented Irradiation Side Sampling (ISS), a technology that improves detective quantum efficiency (DQE). In addition, secure connectivity transmits images to the technologist?s workstation in as little as 3 seconds, with cycle times of only 9 seconds. A detachable cord offers easier repositioning of the panel in the radiographic table or wall stand, elimination of battery life and wireless signal integrity concerns, and increased safety from reduced potential of trip hazards.  (800) 431-1850

CT Low-Profile Power-Injectable Ports from AngioDynamics

AngioDynamics, Albany, NY, has introduced its Smart Port? CT Low-Profile Power-Injectable Ports. Smart ports are small medical devices implanted under the skin that provide physicians with repeated access to blood vessels for administering treatments with less vessel or site damage. The new line features patented Vortex? port technology and includes low-profile and mini models for repeated treatments such as chemotherapy and for use with CT. The new Smart Port CT models include titanium port technology that allows for improved fluid dynamics to help prevent dead spaces and the formation of sludge, thus extending the working life of the port. These new models are indicated for power injection of contrast media with a flow rate of 5 mL/sec. They also include a large septum for a greater target area and a low-profile 6.6 French diameter catheter to reduce the risk of thrombosis.  (518) 795-1400

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