New Products for the Imaging Industry

PC 910 Point-of-Care Cart from AFC Industries

AFC Industries, College Point, NY, debuts its PC 910 Point-of-Care Cart. The Cart features a long-running battery cycle, and can be continuously deployed for up to 30 hours before recharging. Alternatively, a separate CPU and monitor can be mounted. An internal automatic transfer switch allows connected equipment to run while the battery module is recharging, and an advanced charger accelerates recharging and increases safety. A convenient LED readout keeps users apprised of power status. The PC 910 is height adjustable, has a small footprint, and can be thoroughly disinfected for use whenever and wherever it is needed. A convenient keyless lock secures the Cart?s two-section utility drawer, which is divided to facilitate administration of care in two-patient rooms. Additionally, a retractable keyboard tray provides ergonomic tilt and swivel, while a sliding mouse tray accommodates both left- and right-handed users.
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Synapse Cardiovascular 4.0.4 from FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Stamford, Conn, has introduced Synapse cardiovascular 4.0.4. This latest software version of Synapse allows cardiology departments to have one-click access to a variety of additional third party applications, including the recently deployed Medis Qangio XA version 7.1 and QLAB advanced quantification software from Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass. Version 4.0.4 also enables streamlined image review and a shortened reporting process. Users are able to launch Qangio XA version 7.1 and receive measurement data and images from the automated analysis of the left ventricle and coronary arteries. The data is automatically imported into the Synapse cardiovascular database and clinical report. In addition, Synapse?s Web capability allows clinicians to review entire studies, including all processed 3D images, throughout the enterprise.
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Vendor-Neutral Archive from Carestream Health

Carestream Health, Rochester, NY, is introducing CARESTREAM Clinical Data Archive. The new cloud archive solution virtualizes enterprise storage and provides on-demand delivery of images and data to locations throughout the enterprise, regardless of where the information is physically stored or where it originated. The system provides a single point of access to the clinical patient portfolio, allowing exams and other data to be accessed through a Web client or integrated into existing EMR/HIS systems. The data archive also delivers expanded layers of security to enhance the protection of patient data. Key features include a multitier repository for industry-standard data, such as XDS, XDS-I, and DICOM, as well as other non-DICOM data objects. Dynamic tag morphing is a feature that facilitates the interconnection of incompatible DICOM devices.
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RFID Smart Cabinets from WaveMark

WaveMark, Inc, Littleton, Mass, has announced several new radio frequency identification (RFID) ?smart? cabinet styles that can store and track a wider variety of critical supplies used in specialty departments, such as radiology. The new styles of RFID-enabled smart cabinets include a five-shelf cabinet with locking doors, a wireless mobile cabinet for easy transport from storage to procedure room, and a tabletop cabinet for tracking smaller inventories. RFID locking door cabinets ensure the security of high cost supplies, while allowing items to be accessed via an RFID fob or PIN that identifies the individual who accessed the product, such as contrast media. Cabinets are mobile and wireless and allow transport of items from storage areas to procedure rooms while maintaining real-time read reliability over a 12-hour battery-life. The tabletop cabinet can be used to track inventory in small places or for smaller inventories.
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Latest Fusion CAC Software from Dolbey

Dolbey, Cincinnati, is unveiling its latest Fusion Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) software. Fusion CAC utilizes patent pending technology with a natural language processing software. CAC is able to read patient charts and present appropriate ICD-9-CM diagnostic, procedure and CPT codes. Version 4.0 features an extensive abstraction utility, enhanced workflow tools, and an entire new set of HIM and finance tools. Other highlights include a new running DRG analysis, charge master integration, scanned document annotation with manipulation, automated supervisor code audit flagging, and enhanced hybrid medical record processing.
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Interactive Pen Displays from Wacom

Wacom, Vancouver, Wash, has introduced direct pen-on-screen technology for radiologists and other specialties. The DTU-2231 interactive pen is designed to optimize efficiency and productivity by allowing physicians to draw diagrams, write notes, or annotate directly on digital images. For radiologists, the DTU-2231 is an HD interactive pen display that features a 21.5? widescreen LCD and 1920 x 1080 resolution. DTU-2231 also allows radiologists to contour directly on CT slices, take measurements of complex objects, highlight points of interest, and make handwritten comments on a given image. The DTU-2231 is also cordless and has 512 levels of pressure sensitivity, as well as a built-in USB hub and other common inputs. The system features a flat work surface with a 16:9 aspect ratio, an adjustable stand, and an antireflective treatment.
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