New Products for the Imaging Industry

Mosby’s Imaging Suite from MC Strategies

MC Strategies, Atlanta, has introduced a fully integrated, online solution that aims to address the routine research, education, communication, and compliance challenges of radiologic technologists and managers. Developed for physician’s offices, freestanding imaging centers, and hospital radiology departments, Mosby’s Imaging Suite blends reference, education, communication, and compliance into a single online resource. Managers and technologists can search and retrieve data and information, communicate across shifts and locations, and track announcements and competencies. The suite offers an online, searchable edition of Merrill’s Atlas of Radiographic Positions and Radiologic Procedures, complete with color photos and radiographs of imaging projections and positions. Users can access more than 50 Category-A CE credits. Furthermore, managers can receive a single, unified transcript with the times, dates, and scores for each staff member’s education and training activities.

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eFilm Archive from Merge

Merge Healthcare, Milwaukee, has added the eFilm Archive to its portfolio of eCommerce diagnostic imaging solutions. The solution aims to provide imaging centers, specialty clinics, and rural hospitals with an economical way to increase their storage capacity for medical images and allow for efficient image routing. Packaged as a complete solution, the eFilm Archive bundle includes all software, server hardware, on-site installation and training, and one full year of support. It uses the same hardware and software configurations as Merge’s hosted RIS/PACS solutions, so existing customers have an affordable avenue to add applications like radiology information systems (RIS), disaster recovery, and billing. The new eFilm Archive joins Merge Healthcare’s existing eCommerce solutions: eFilm Workstation and eFilm RIS/PACS. The eFilm user community is supported by programs such as the eFilm AppExchange, which allows users to trade customized eFilm applications, and Authentic eFilm™ for license validity concerns.

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BrightView X from Philips

Philips Healthcare’s new BrightView X is a scalable SPECT camera that can be upgraded with CT when physicians are ready for the full capabilities of BrightView XCT, a general purpose nuclear medicine SPECT/CT camera introduced during last year’s meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine. With the BrightView XCT, SPECT, PET, and CT processing can all be accessed on one common platform. In an effort to enhance image registration, Philips BrightView XCT uses a unique co-planar design that enables the acquisition of SPECT and CT with minimal table movement between scans. The company’s latest offering, the BrightView X, is a scalable version of the BrightView XCT. According to Philips, the mid-level SPECT camera is a cost-effective alternative that provides customers with the flexibility to purchase SPECT now and add CT later. The transition does not require a change to the room size or power requirements.

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Nio Color 3MP from Barco

Belgium-based Barco has released a diagnostic display system with high-bright LCD panel called the Nio Color 3MP. Building upon the previous model, Barco is now offering a high-bright LCD panel that provides a calibrated luminance of 400 cd/m² throughout its entire lifetime. According to the company, it is suited for applications that take advantage of color, including PET imaging, fMRI, perfusion, spectroscopy, and CAD. With its built-in system for uniformity correction, luminance is spread evenly over the full screen surface. Barco says this feature enhances diagnostic precision and facilitates compliance with regional QA standards. Supplied with Barco’s MediCal QAWeb service for DICOM calibration, quality assurance (QA), and asset management, the Nio Color 3MP enables users to take advantage of a free “Essential” level of this service to change QA policies and perform remote calibration. Upgrading to the “Premium” service level provides additional remote capabilities, including full remote QA, extended notifications, and reports.

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REALis Projectors from Canon USA

Canon USA Inc, Lake Success, NY, has added two new high-resolution REALiS Multimedia Projectors, the REALiS WUX10 Mark II D and REALiS SX80 Mark II D, to its portfolio of products. Featuring a DICOM Simulation mode, the projectors comply with the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Part 14 standardized display function for display of grayscale images. According to Canon, the new mode will give medical educators greater flexibility when training and conducting lectures and conferences where a large display is needed. The company noted that the projectors are not cleared or approved for medical diagnosis and should not be used for these purposes. Both projectors feature the LCOS technology, allowing medical educators to display film-like x-rays to large audiences, while also displaying ultra-smooth, lattice-free images. Furthermore, users can calibrate directly on the projector rather than having to purchase additional equipment. The Canon REALiS WUX10 Mark II D Multimedia Projector will feature a native WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200) with a 2.30-megapixel display, while the REALiS SX80 Mark II D Multimedia Projector will have a native SXGA+ resolution (1400 x 1050) with a 1.47-megapixel display.

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Manage.Report from MEDRAD

Health care professionals can immediately access clinical and administrative information associated with radiology patients’ contrast injections from nearly anywhere through a new informatics application from MEDRAD, Warrendale, Pa. Manage.Report, which is the first in the company’s series of informatics platform applications, automatically captures and logs in a secure database essential patient and radiology-management information concerning contrast injections delivered by the MEDRAD Stellant® CT injector. The application automates record keeping, increases data accuracy, simplifies the audit process, and facilitates compliance with The Joint Commission, according to the company. Moments after a scan is performed, radiologists can log in and review details on the actual protocols administered to their patients and consider injection specifics associated with the procedure, such as pressure rates and flow graphs. Administrators can track procedure volumes, contrast usage, and injection events, and conduct detailed analysis using robust, customized reporting capabilities. RIS/PACS integration and remote service extensions are under development. 

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