New Products for the Imaging Industry

KODAK Point-of-Care CR 360 System from Carestream Health

With its compact tabletop design, enhanced image quality, and connectivity with RIS/PACS and other information management solutions, the KODAK Point-of-Care CR 360 System from Carestream Health Inc, Rochester, NY, was developed to provide reliable general radiology in a lightweight package. It can be used on a tabletop or on a Z-cart, allowing users to take the equipment to the patient. With its throughput of up to sixty 35-by-43 cm plates per hour, the CR 360 system is ideal for low- to mid-volume imaging at hospitals, clinics, and physician practices. It produces high-resolution images with a wide exposure range and low noise, and new operating software delivers a streamlined workflow. Moreover, DICOM capabilities permit easy integration with a variety of RIS/PACS systems. The system has the ability to rotate, annotate, and window level an image. Customers can also purchase optional quality assurance software that can help in the maintenance of optimum system performance and image quality.

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NovaCardio PACS from NovaRad

Small and medium facilities can particularly enjoy a solution from Novarad, of American Fork, Utah, called the NovaCardio PACS, which is designed to meet the image access and reading needs of hospital cath labs and echo rooms. Enhancements in NovaCardio PACS are aimed at easing Web viewing and providing complete access to all the tools within the system. Features of the latest version include advanced storage management, advanced hanging protocols, click-once Web viewer, patient CD, cine tools with series thumbnails for drag and drop to cine views and auto cine when opening a study, non-DICOM capture and non-DICOM cine capture, automated physician reports, 3D cardio tools, ejection fraction, percent stenosis, and measuring and annotation tools. As with all NovaRad’s IT solutions, NovaCardio offers disaster recovery, around-the-clock remote support, software and hardware refresh, on-site training, and continuous Web training.

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AxRecon Image Reconstruction Solution from Acceleware

A combination of Acceleware’s proprietary software acceleration libraries with the parallel processing power of NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units has led to the release of the AxRecon image reconstruction solution from Canadian company Acceleware Corp. In order to streamline imaging workflow and reduce the amount of time typically required for CT image reconstruction, AxRecon works with existing cone-beam CT scanners to eliminate the bottleneck and significantly speed up filtered back projection computations. The solution, which integrates with existing CT scanners with minimal setup, provides a flexible API that fits in with users’ current reconstruction software. Also, due to the solution’s modular design, integrators can select specific sections to accelerate with AxRecon, which allows them to retain their proprietary components of the algorithm.

(403) 249-9099 ultra system from ZONARE Medical Systems

Showcased at the annual European Congress of Radiology, the latest ultra system from ZONARE Medical Systems Inc, Mountain View, Calif, features advanced software, hardware, and transducer technology, including a new multi-transducer port (MTP) and a DVD burner archive capability device that will allow review of all images, clips, and reports through a PC. Customer feedback encouraged development of the MTP, which allows clinicians to easily choose between three transducers that are all connected simultaneously to the cart-based system. New transducer technology expands imaging capabilities and applications, whether used with the’s full-featured, cart-based configuration or the premium portable compact unit. The latest transducers, works in progress solutions that include a high-frequency L14-5 MHz linear array transducer and C9-3 curved array transducer, will provide increased penetration and sensitivity.

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Digital Pocket Memo 9500 from Philips Speech Processing

To enhance its mobile dictation line, Royal Philips Electronics’ Philips Speech Processing division, Vienna, Austria, introduced a professional dictation recorder called the Digital Pocket Memo 9500. The solution offers a four-position slide switch, the industry’s largest LCD display, ergonomic design, and full metal casing. Through a USB connection, users can charge the recorder from any location, and with an exchangeable SD card, they can make full use of nearly unlimited recording capacity. The USB can also allow for the quick transfer of files to a computer for storage. Packaged with SpeechExec Pro Dictate, the network-based Digital Pocket Memo 9500 features file encryption and allows the recorder to turn into an online microphone. Spoken instructions can be set on every individual position during dictation, providing transcriptionists with additional information. According to Philips, excellent sound quality can be achieved through the .dss file format and instant access to any part of the recording brings about greater flexibility. The product comes with a USB Docking Station and rechargeable batteries.

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Acuson S2000 from Siemens Medical Solutions USA

As the first system in Malvern, Pa-based Siemens Medical Solutions USA’s new S Class of Ultrasound products, the ACUSON S2000 ultrasound platform will have capabilities for paradigm-shifting applications, such as Acoustic Radiation Forced Impulse (ARFI) imaging. ARFI uses acoustic energy to displace tissue for a qualitative and quantitative assessment of deep tissue stiffness, which can prove useful for differentiation in abnormalities. Advanced SieClear spatial compounding, an industry first, is a real-time compounding technique that uses greater steering angles to bring about improved contrast resolution and border detection. The ultra-high-frequency 18L6 HD transducer incorporates twice the elements with half the space to improve slice thickness, contrast resolution, and image uniformity. The product also comes with syngo eSieCalcs native tracing software, syngo Auto OB for anatomical pattern identification, Advanced fourSight technology for volume imaging, Spatio-Temporal Imaging Correlation for data capture over multiple heart cycles, and immediate export of DICOM data. Furthermore, the solution features adaptive ergonomics, such as streamlined reach zones, rotating console, flexible articulating arm, and a high-resolution flat-panel display.

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